They key to networking on LinkedIn is to stick to your strategy!

If you’re there to network, behave like you would in a face to face networking meeting.
Don’t get sucked into arguments, disagreements, or click bait posts.
Connect with people because you like them, want to learn from them, or because they have something interesting to say that doesn’t turn into a sales pitch.
Don’t connect to give a sales pitch, connect to build relationships.

In this workshop Social Media Manager Emilie Silverwood-Cope cover the basics including:

  • Creating a strategy for getting the results you want
  • Understanding who to connect with
  • Setting up your profile in a way that attracts the right connections

Emilie Silverwood-Cope is a freelance Social Media Consultant and Trainer with over 20 years experience working in sales & marketing ( Emilie supports SMEs (B2B or B2C), charities and business owners so they can make the best use of social media.

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