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Running your own business can be stressful, lonely, and overwhelming.
It can also be huge fun, liberating and exciting.
Connect – Learn – Grow 
“When you focus on connection first, everything falls in to place”. Vishen Lakhiani

No minimum membership period – try it and if it doesn’t suit you, just stop the payments. It’s all in your control.

Building trusted relationships with other business owners is one of the most valuable things you can do. They are your champions, your marketers, your source of information, your reference point. They celebrate and support you and make bad days bearable and good days even better.

Learning with other business owners who all have different expertise is incredibly powerful. When you see your potential as being unlimited, you’ll constantly seek to improve your skills through learning and practice. You won’t plateau. You won’t ever feel there’s no more you can learn.

Working toward something larger and more important than yourself means you’ll never stop growing. Our  members work at their businesses to make the world a better place for their clients, families and communities. Sharing how we do it means we all grow together – and have fun along the way!

You also get … 

  • Immediate access to the most supportive network you’ll ever experience  – the Drive Tribe.
  • A six part on-line workshop to create the cornerstones for the sort of business and life you want. (Price to non-members £499.00)
  • Access to Premium Content in our Learning Hub with articles,  videos and workbooks of our workshops and recordings of guest speakers.

  • Access to our private Slack forum for confidential discussions and practical support.
  • A dedicated, collaborative team that help you get answers, ideas, and inspiration— fast!
  • Weekly structured networking that opens up opportunities, allows other people to tell your story and supports referrals.
  • Weekly Ask the Expert sessions
  • Personal, confidential mentoring to help you stay on track.

The Six Step Programme

Running a small business means we have to master six basic components:
Time and Money, Sales and Marketing, Processes and Planning.
This very comprehensive course is adapted from Ann Hawkins highly acclaimed “Work Smart Not Hard” programme.
Premium members can access the videos and workbooks to work through in their own time with the option of setting up accountability calls to help you apply what you’ve learned to your own business.

Marketing is a team sport! 

Marketing is one of the most important activities for small businesses but one that so many find difficult.  Developing your own marketing message is a bit like cutting our own hair: in theory, we have the skills, we just lack the perspective. A small tweak in perspective can often make a big difference in revenue.

Good conversations and relationships are the keys to business success and Drive members excel in building  trusted relationships every day of the week. These relationships rapidly become the key capital of your business. It’s networking at a very different level.

When you equip others to tell your story it means they can open doors for you and become more valuable themselves by providing good solutions for their network – and of course, you can do the same.

The Art of Subtle Networking 

Our members have developed their own unique style of networking. By really getting to know each other as people, by taking time to appreciate each others values, talents and expertise, they happily do business together and recommend and refer each other to clients.

No-one ever tries to sell to each other. Everyone helps each other just because they can, and not with any view to getting something in return. It’s very subtle but it works. If traditional networking makes you uncomfortable, you’ll feel at home here!

Some of the recordings and expert topics you can access as soon as you join: 

– Planning for Change
– Build a Strong Foundation
– Time Management
– Dealing with Stress
– Developing Resilience
– Marketing Strategies
– Branding and Design Insights

– Pricing Strategies
– Social Media Training
– Blogging and Content Creation
– Email Marketing and Building a List
– SEO and PPC
– Selling with Integrity
– Imposter Syndrome

– The Best Free Tech and Apps
– Systems and Processes
– Manage your Finances
– Building the Right Team
– Outsourcing
– Increase your Profits
– Plan your Profitable Future

“I wanted to send a big “thank you” to you, once again, for the support you have given me in my business. A conversation in the Drive Group led to my finding a whole new market and creating a whole new product! Thank you SO much for the opportunities you are providing for me and for so many people. I am really grateful and very appreciative.” Rosalind Bubb.