What You Get When You Become a Premium Member 

  • You don’t need to search for answers any more! We help you to identify your goals and plan how to achieve them in a tailored personal way with individual mentoring and accountability.
  • You have access to experts in all aspects of building a business and personal growth, and immediate access to over 100 exceptional recordings, videos and  workbooks.

This community is on an entirely different level to any other business community I’ve been a part of. Every question gets intelligent and thoughtful answers. It’s an oasis of critical thinking and real business minded insight that has helped me to build my business.
Jon Torrens, Communications Coach

I’ve been able to move from a specific business model to creating a whole new revenue stream with great advice about every aspect of building a business.  I am continually blown away by the generosity and smart thinking in this community.
Lucy Churchill, Stonecarver

I was invited to give a couple of talks to Drive members about how I built my business and I was so impressed, I joined! I’m now getting my staff involved and together we’re putting all of this great learning into practice to build an even better business!
George Zitko, Zitko Consulting

I love being able to give advice as well as ask for it. It’s a real confidence booster and has helped me to make some very powerful relationships. Drive members value what I do and recommend me to other people. Drive membership is the best investment I ever made! Lenka Koppova, Social Media Consultant

What does it cost and how does it work?

You can spend thousands on online courses or business coaching. You can bounce from one Facebook group to another or get hooked on “guru” style training. 

When you join Drive, we help you to identify your goals, make a plan for how to achieve them and give you the help you need – tailored exactly to your needs.
You have access to many mentors and experts – not just one!
We know you’ve put your hopes and dreams into your business and our mission is to help you succeed and achieve your goals as quickly and painlessly as possible!

It costs only £299 + vat a year to be a member of Drive.
(If you’re a cash strapped new business, get in touch.)

We renewed our membership for another year without a qualm. Although we’re experts in our field its great to hear from people who are a few years ahead of us in running their businesses and share ideas and expertise.
Rachael and Bill Ward, Ward Trademarks. 

Dan InceI was able to discuss my ideas for a new product and get really useful feedback, saving me months of research and slog. I’m now building a great base to launch that product and I know I’ll have fantastic support when I’m ready.
Dan Ince, Brandworks Marketing

 Hearing inspiring speakers is fantastic but its even better when you can discuss what you’ve learned and how you’re going to use that in your business – and that there’s someone there to keep you on track!
Althea Taylor-Salmon, Fortune PR. 

Getting instant answers to questions from people you trust is brillliant! There is always someone who has dealt with the problem you’re trying to solve and having a group of business owners as your advisors saves a ton of time and money!
Jemma and Justin Crane, The Crane Event. 

Some of the recordings and expert topics you can access as soon as you join: 

– Planning for Change
– Build a Strong Foundation
– Time Management
– Dealing with Stress
– Developing Resilience
– Marketing Strategies
– Branding and Design Insights

– Pricing Strategies
– Social Media Training
– Blogging and Content Creation
– Email Marketing and Building a List
– SEO and PPC
– Selling with Integrity
– Imposter Syndrome

– The Best Free Tech and Apps
– Systems and Processes
– Manage your Finances
– Building the Right Team
– Outsourcing
– Increase your Profits
– Plan your Profitable Future

  • Exclusive access to our private forum
  • Exclusive access to our dedicated, collaborative team so you can get answers, ideas, and inspiration— fast!
  • No holds barred conversations with successful business owners on subjects like money, marketing, hiring, productivity, sales, personal growth, and more.
  • Events you can enjoy in person or on-line and discussions of the recordings.
  • A well-established, trusted community of business owners on Facebook with two structured check-ins every week.
  • Weekly Ask the Expert sessions (where you could be the expert!)
  • Regular group challenges to expand your skills
  • Monthly video conferences, roundtable coaching discussions, and guest expert Q&As.
  • Personal, confidential mentoring to help you stay on track.

“I got so much value from my very first month that it more than paid for my membership fee” Lucy Churchill, Stonecarver

  • If you need specialist services in business planning, legal or financial advice, or other business services we can recommend people you can trust and you’ll often get a Drive Member discount.

“In just a couple of months of Drive membership I made more progress in my business than I had in the previous two years. 18 months on and things just keep getting better! ” David Brown, Potentiality Coaching. 

“I wanted to send a big “thank you” to you, once again, for the support you have given me in my business. A conversation in the Drive Group led to my finding a whole new market and creating a whole new product! Thank you SO much for the opportunities you are providing for me and for so many people. I am really grateful and very appreciative.” Rosalind Bubb.