Drive is a unique community of business owners who help each other build businesses that give them a great life.

Building a business is easier and more fun when you do it with people who share their expertise and knowledge!

No more searching for the right answers, everything you need is just a question away, supplied by people you trust.

We run on-line events with guests who have built great business. We learn about the highs and lows, what to do and what to avoid and we hold each other accountable for reaching our goals.

We show up to connect with our network, to share stories, ideas and support, and find how we can create opportunities for each other.

We help you share your story and reach the right people, and in return you help other members to do the same. Our unique brand of subtle networking is the opposite of pushy referrals and much more powerful because its all based on trust.

We focus on helping you be the best boss you’ve ever had, to enjoy your business and your life and do it with people who understand exactly what it takes.

Your experience is valuable.

Whether you’re a brand-new business owner, a seasoned entrepreneur or steadily creating your life’s work, we value your experience.  Sharing that experience to help other members of the Drive Tribe is what makes this a true Partnership Network. We want you to become an active member of our community – giving help and getting help whenever you need it! It’s our community — YOU — that is the knowledge-base, the best source of real-world experience, creative ideas, and meaningful feedback.
The Drive Tribe is gently led by experienced business coach and mentor Ann Hawkins.