Isolation and lack of accountability
are big issues for business owners.

They don’t have to be for you.

Membership of Drive, the Collaborative Network, gives you expert mentoring on demand, accountability, help with making decisions, feedback, fresh perspectives, camaraderie and community and a safe space to be yourself.

Members collaborate to help each other build strong businesses with compassion, understanding and a lot of good humour.

We’re an on-line network based in the UK and our members live and work in many countries.

You may recognise some of these experiences:

  • Feeling overwhelmed at everything you need to do.
  • Comparing yourself to others and thinking they know what they’re doing while you feel a bit lost.
  • Having to make all decisions alone and wishing you had someone to bounce ideas off or get some genuine fresh perspective.
  • Hitting a wall, running out of ideas, or feeling you’re not getting the results you want.
  • No-one to be accountable to.

“I’d been struggling to make progress for two years and as soon as I joined Drive I started seeing results.
Six years later I can’t believe how far I’ve come!”
David Brown, Potentiality Coaching

Ann Hawkins, author of best selling book New Business Next Steps, creator of the Work Smart Not Hard programme, blogger, podcaster and Business Hub radio host.

No matter how independent you are and how well you do by yourself, both you and your business will benefit from our support.

With our help, not only will you see your business thrive like never before, you’ll build long lasting relationships with people who really understand you and want you to succeed.

The Drive Tribe is a generous and genuine group of business owners who delight in helping each other, led by Drive founder and business advisor and mentor, Ann Hawkins.

Choose your membership level and give it a try (no minimum commitment)

You’re always in charge of your payments.

“I’ve found being a member of this funky, fun and feisty tribe invaluable. It’s a supportive haven and an invaluable knowledge hub to plug into.  I’ve also benefitted from Ann’s direct support. She has been a steadfast, supportive coach and thinking partner and helped me hold steady and be accountable as well as facilitate my thinking and be in my corner.” Thor A Rain The Helpful Clinic  :pray:

Whether you’re new to business or a seasoned entrepreneur if you value collaboration give membership a try for a month and see if you like us. You get an invitation to join our Slack Group, an introduction to the Drive Tribe, a 1-1 with our founder, a feature in our newsletter that goes to 2,000+ subscribers, access to our programmes and then whatever help you need as you need it.