Slide I'm building my business with the support of an
amazing bunch of people and I love helping
them to build theirs!
Emma James, The Number Ninja Emma James
Slide I love this network as it’s as much about education and
helping you grow as a person as it is about growing
your business.
Steve King-Underwood, Cambridge Garden Studios
Slide I got so much value from my very first month it more
than paid for my membership fee! Now I'm
re-locating I'm using Drive to make new contacts.
Lucy Churchill, Stone Carver
Slide I love belonging to a group of trusted people with so many
great skills. It makes my business and theirs stronger
for knowing each other.
Andy Boothman, BusyasAB

Join us to build a businesses that gives you a great life. 

You may be new to business or want to work smarter.
Our members share experience and expertise to help everyone get the business they want.

We don’t know what 2021 will bring but we know we’re stronger together.

Join in our free events and get to know us
then join us as a Premium Member for £29.95 a month to get individual support, mentoring
and accountability to reach your goals.

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I’m Ann Hawins, the founder of Drive, an experienced business advisor and mentor and co-author of the best selling book New Business Next Steps. I chose the name Drive for my network because I believe

People have an inner DRIVE to be good at what they do, to be self-directed and connected.

How we work

You get knowledge, support, opportunities to collaborate, referrals, team marketing and great people to have fun with and work with. Mentoring and accountability helps you build a business that gives you choice, freedom, and a great life alongside other business owners who openly share their expertise and knowledge.

We help you share your story and reach the right people, and in return you help other members to do the same. Our unique brand of subtle networking is the opposite of pushy referrals and much more powerful because its all based on trust.

We focus on helping you be the best boss you’ve ever had, to enjoy your business and your life and do it with people who understand exactly what it takes.

Our network has always been diverse but we want to do better. We support BLM, we’re boycotting Facebook, we support the Conscious Advertising Network, The New Citizen Project and challenge bigotry and discrimination wherever we see it. We actively enable collaboration over competition and openly share expertise and knowledge.

Your experience is valuable.

Whether you’re a brand-new business owner, a seasoned entrepreneur or steadily creating your life’s work, we value your experience.  Sharing that experience to help other members of the Drive Tribe is what makes this a true Partnership Network. We want you to become an active member of our community – giving help and getting help whenever you need it! It’s our community — YOU — that is the knowledge-base, the best source of real-world experience, creative ideas, and meaningful feedback.
The Drive Tribe is gently led by experienced business coach and mentor Ann Hawkins.