Should you write a blog post, tweet or post on Linked?

Does creating content keep slipping down your task list?

You know you need to be visible but you have client work to do, admin keeps turning up, and then there are the interruptions.

You probably want to shut down your computer and take a break too.

When do you create the content?

Creating content doesn’t have to be a chore. You can do it quickly and simply – and still make content your ideal customer is interested in.

During this workshop, business storytelling coach Rachel Extance shares five strategies you can use to create content when you are short of time.

Download the workbook, watch the workshop, explore the resources listed at the end and contact Rachel for more advice and inspiration!





Social media schedulers

To turn articles into videos, use Lumen5

For transcriptions and subtitles, I’m currently using HappyScribe which is pay as you go. I got a lifetime access deal on AppSumo so if you find you like it and you’re going to use it reguarly, it’s worth keeping an eye out for that coming around again.

If you are recording yourself talking on your phone and would like a transcript of what you said, then is a free transcription app. Very handy for taking notes. 

Rachel Extance is an award-winning journalist and blogger. She helps businesses find their stories and tell them engagingly to build relationships with their customers and get sales. Download her free 12 Week Business Blog Planner and get tips and inspiration about storytelling, blogging and content marketing in your inbox.