Gate in an open field

Instead of pushing against a barrier, what if you could just walk round it?

David Brown helps people to realise that most boundaries exist only in their minds.
The picture of a gate that has no fence attached to it symbolises the freedom we have to choose how we see things.

When I asked Drive member David what excites him most about his business, this is what he told me:

“I had a successful career in science for 15 years but always felt that something was missing. As a young man I was very shy and found that martial arts training helped me overcome my shyness and gave me confidence.  It also gave me an opportunity to understand a lot about myself and to explore self-expression.

I eventually decided to change my career and use the techniques I have learned and developed from life coaching and life experience, as well as martial arts, to help people who want to develop the confidence to express themselves and to do more of what they love.

My job is to be playfully curious, to challenge, champion and encourage people to look inward and discover their own truth, potential and meaning.

I’ve learned that delving into their untapped potential leads people to greater personal, professional and life success.

There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing people realise that things don’t always have to be the same and that they have the power to change their lives, often just by looking at them in a different way.”

David has co- authored a book, Nourish the Flame Within, and is involved in Our People’s Coach Flash Mobs, speed- coaching flash mobs on the city streets of the UK.

If you know people who would like to have more of what they love in their lives, a new career, engaging in a new hobby or nurturing important relationships, they can get in touch with David at Potentiality Coaching