“There’s no point in me joining Drive. You already have a graphic designer.”

Well hold the phone!

We actually have a galaxy of graphic designers (who’s counting?)

We also have a dazzle of developers, a phalanx of photographers, a covey of copywriters, a colony of coaches, a marvel of marketers, a pod of product developers, a troop of trainers, a clutch of consultants, a wealth of website developers and, well … you get the idea.

We have only one garden designer but we’re working on that 🌻

Our members believe that collaboration is much more powerful than competition.

There may be rare occasions when they are truly in competition with each other – but not really.

They each have different areas of expertise, different skill sets, different experience. Most of all, they have different personalities.

Even if someone has the same skills, experience and expertise, no-one will do the job exactly like you – and its you that people buy. Right?

More often than not they share their experience with each other, expand their skills, and recommend and refer each other. By working in collaboration they are stronger together than on their own.

If you want to be part of a great collaborative network, check out our membership details and get in touch!