For over 25 years, Ann Hawkins has been helping business owners build businesses that give them great lives.

She understands that most people start a business to have more freedom and control over their lives and that their business is a way to build what’s really important to them. She is the very opposite of hustle and profit at all costs and has proved that pricing, outsourcing, systems, processes, are the keys to building a business that gives you a great life without spending 24/7 working on it.

Her network of successful business owners is what makes her approach unique. She knows the people who are experts in their fields and brings them together to share their expertise and knowledge to help each other and to build collaborative partnerships wherever possible.


The underlying philosophy of Drive, the Partnership Network is that when people help each other just because they can, with no requirement for reward, the rewards are boundless. 

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If you’d like to spend time 1-1 with Ann here’s how it works.

2 hour brainstorming: £399 +VAT
Solve problems, brainstorm ideas and working ON your business.

Half-Day (3.5 hrs): £1,399 +VAT
Spend the morning or afternoon with Ann and selected members of the Drive team focused entirely on you and your business.

Full-Day (9am – 5pm): £2,799 +VAT
The unique opportunity to spend an entire day with Ann and the experts you need. If we get to do this in person, lunch is included.

To enquire about booking time with Ann please email