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“I recommend this programme to anyone who is looking for direction and structure in what they do. No matter how long you’ve been in business, taking the opportunity to take a step back, look at what you’re doing from a distance and really evaluate where your time and skills are best spent is invaluable.”  Andy Boothman, Brand Designer.

“The ‘Work Smart Not Hard programme gave me useful action points on growing and progressing my business.  I am currently putting most of the ideas into action. Ann Hawkins is a brilliant coach and mentor who is endowed with the essential skills and experience to nurture small businesses. I highly recommend the programme.” Dominic Oyeniran, Dexcel Solutions Ltd.

There are eight modules in the programme and you can choose which ones you want to use and download them in any order. You’ll have all of the materials for future reference so that you can use them as many times as you like.

What makes this different?
In our private forums you can discuss what you’re doing with the information and get support (and accountability!) from other members of the Drive Tribe.

Contained in the eight modules are 23 Worksheets and 30 Extra Resource Sheets, case studies and discussions that add depth to each topic and give you lots of practical examples of the lessons in action. It won’t be long before you start to see a real difference in the way you work.

AH Plan your profitable futurePrep work: Plan to Change
The reason so many people fail to do on-line courses is because most programmes miss out this essential step. Learn how to plan to change and make time for the programme BEFORE you start it – and you’ll get much better results from the rest of the programme!

• Planning your time
• You can’t change in isolation
Extra Resources
Another day, another dollar
Change. It’s not easy

Download the Workbook: Plan to Change


AH Build your own foundationModule 1: Build Your Foundation
This lesson lets you decide if you have The Six Building Blocks for Success in place and what to do if any are missing. You’ll define exactly what you’re aiming for and see what changes you need to plan for to get there.

• The building blocks for success
• Start with the end in mind
• The transition from starting, to growing a business
• Setting and achieving goals
• Setting up your support team.
Extra Resources
Are purpose let businesses more profitable?
Success in business is not about passion
1. Building blocks for success
2. Exit strategy and business purpose
3. Planning to manage growth
4. Goal setting
5. Building your support team.

Download the Workbook: Module 1


AH Sell with integrityModule 2: Sell with Integrity
Are you solving a problem or creating delight for your customers? Find out how to use the most effective techniques to identify and reach your ideal clients. Create trusted relationships and an army of delighted fans.

• CRM Systems
• The sales Funnel
• How to describe what you’re selling
• Sales Conversations
• Your sales proposition
Extra resources
Trust is built in your behaviour, not in your message
How to describe what you’re selling
How to build an on-line audience for your product or service
Pay Per Click Advertising and Landing Pages
Pricing Strategies
Social Selling and Social Listening
Hiring Sales People
The Fear of Turning Down a Sale
6. Attracting people into your sales funnel
7. How to describe what you’re selling
8. How to get more sales per customer
9. Define your sales proposition

Download the Workbook: Module 2


AH Increase profitsModule 3: Increase Profits
The number one reason why businesses fail is running out of cash. Learn to love managing your finances with some simple but effective tools and techniques. Understand how to find and focus on the most profitable activities in your business and why your own attitude to money could be holding you back.

• The easiest way to increase your profit
• How small changes can improve your profit
• The discount myth
• Why cash is all important and how to control it
• How to find the most profitable activity in your business
• How to manage regular financial activities
Extra resources
How to keep track of regular payments like VAT, PAYE and Corporation Tax
Where to access more finance when you need it
How much is an ice cube worth?
10. How to Increase Your Profits
11. A simple Cashflow template
12. Fixed and Variable Costs
13. Focus on the most profitable activities
14. Regular Financial Tasks

Download the Workbook: Module 3


AH Have time for everythingModule 4: Have Time for Everything
Business owners say that what holds them back is not having enough time. By understanding your own most productive preferences you can change this and have enough time for everything you need and want to do as well as knowing the true value of “re-creation” time.

• Why being early is the best time management tip
• Urgent v Important
• That overwhelmed feeling
• The myth of multi-tasking
• Re-Prioritising
• Analysing how you REALLY spend your time
• Making time to be happy.
Extra resources
How to deal with procrastination
How to make decisions
How to be Happy
15. Time Management Tool
16. Understanding your procrastination habits
17. Strategies for dealing with overwhelm and interruptions
18. How do you really spend your time
19. Using your time to be happy

Download the Workbook: Module 4

AH Use free technologyModule 5: Use Free Technology
The availability of free and cheap technology has transformed the way we do business and there is no forgiveness for those who don’t make the effort to keep up. Learn how to choose the right approach for your business and how to stay on top of fast changing developments

• Keeping up to date
• No such thing as free
• Software as a Service
• Back office tasks
• Daily work tasks
• Marketing/ Lead Generation
Extra resources
Cloud Computing
Integrated communication systems
How to choose the right tech – Dan Frost
20. How to find the best free technology for your business

Download the Workbook: Module 5

AH Don't do it aloneModule 6: Don’t Do It Alone
The biggest obstacle to growing and becoming more profitable is when the business owner tries to do everything themselves. Recognise when to outsource, collaborate or hire help and how to manage other people to get the results you need.

• Letting go
• Permanent employees v outsourcing
• Recruiting for skills and attitudes
• Trust and responsibility
• Employment and the law
Extra resources
Employing v Outsourcing
The recruitment process
How to outsource successfully
How to attract great people
How to recruit a managing director
Organisational Style
How to build a perfectly formed team in a small business…..and thrive
21. How to decide what help you need in your business

Download the Workbook: Module 6


AH Plan your profitable futureModule 7: Plan your Profitable Future
Develop an action plan and a support network that will help you to keep building on your success year after year.

• Setting your personal financial goals
• Discovering your attitude to money
• Creating a three year growth plan

22. Personal Financial Goals
23. Three Year Growth Plan

Download the Workbook: Module 7

Testimonials for the Works Smart Not Hard Programme

Mary MansfieldI did Ann’s programme and found it invaluable. No matter where you are in your business, I am sure you will benefit from this course. I’ve known Ann for many years and I know that she will do everything to ensure that you succeed in your business. I have no hesitation in recommending this.
Mary Mansfield Interior Designs

Angie MoyesAs a one-woman business taking time out to think about ‘where’ I was, where I was going, where I could add value to myself and my customers, this programme was time well spent. Not only is it a great course, but Ann really wants to know how you are doing and the community is great for helping through moments of decision. Would I recommend to a friend? Yes! Angie Moyes FRSA

Matt WidgeryI can whole heartedly recommend this course. I did it and it was incredible. It literally changed the way I thought about running my business. Ann’s ability to deliver so much in depth information in a way that is so clear and easy to implement is why I would recommend her to anyone looking to level up their business skills 🙂
Matt Widgery Music & Commercial Photographer

Kathy SalamanI was able to take stock of what I do, why I do it, and how I could improve and actually continue without burning out. I’m lucky enough to have worked with Ann on a one-to-one basis as well and know that she genuinely wants to help as many people as she can to be successful in whatever they do. I usually try to avoid using the word ‘passionate’ when talking about business, but Ann has passion for what she does by the bucketful: you’d have to be daft not to take this opportunity!
Kathy Salaman Director at The Good Grammar Company

Hannah Purser. 1 jpegFrom the moment I met Ann, I knew she cared about my business and was genuinely interested in helping me. Not only does she guide you on the right path and make you think about things in different ways, but she also reasons everything out, making it much easier to understand. I have worked with a number of business mentors but none of them have made an impact like Ann did. I cannot recommend Ann highly enough and I’m hoping I can work with her again in the future! Ann is an inspiration to me and by the sounds of it, to a LOT of others too.
Hannah Purser, MD My VIP Wardrobe

AboutThe Work Smart Not Hard programme covers a lot of ground but is presented in a well organised manner. It helped me to identify the core areas of my business to focus on for best results as well as which areas would be better outsourced. Since I completed the course I have successfully cut a lot of fat from my schedule, allowing me to concentrate on distributor recruitment and product improvement. This has already resulted in increased sales. Highly Recommended.
Andy Stevens, Director, Enduring Solutions Ltd

Hazel CottrellHaving done the ‘Work Smart, Not Hard’ when my business was 14months old I was keen to see what the next steps were. I discovered numerous ways in which I could grow my business. I would highly recommend this programme to others. Ann is a positive and inspiring coach and the programme was incredibly worthwhile.
Hazel Cottrell Director, Creative Content Company,

22dac19The ‘Work Smart Not Hard’ programme was a great experience and distinctly beneficial as I came out of it with action points on growing and progressing my business. I am currently putting most of the ideas into action.
Dominic Oneyrian Dexcel Solutions Ltd


Susan ReideI jumped at the chance of accessing the Work Smart Not Hard course. The course helped me to realise that I didn’t have to compromise, where my skills would be of most value and to plan a more ambitious and inspiring future. Thank you Ann.
Susan Reade BSc(Hons), DipM, MA. Managing Director Insight In Context Limited