What do you get when you join Drive?

When you join Drive the Network, even as a free member, you become part of one of the very best business communities, anywhere, ever. (OK we’re biased, but a lot of our members feel the same!)

It’s the sort of community where everyone has your best interests at heart, where everyone is happy to share their expertise and no-one EVER makes a sales pitch.

We’ve designed Drive so that even if you can’t get to a meeting you can still share the recordings and discussions that go on around it and more importantly connect with other Drive members and build significant relationships by taking part in the on-line activities.


Free Networking and Free Learning

Everyone gets at least three opportunities a week to share information about their business and network on-line with the whole Drive Tribe in structured discussions, and you can ask for help and advice from the community at any time, on any (business) topic, and I guarantee you’ll get fabulous answers!

Just take a look at The Drive Learning Hub – so much great information and a lot of it is free!

“I would urge all small businesses, start-ups, thinking of starting uppers etc. to try it out. Everyone supporting each other and making friends, building trust, sharing expertise and actually making serious business connections.” Carole Hickey

Meet > Learn > Grow

That’s what we do.

On-line or face to face.

The Drive Tribe has a lot of fun which is why we call our photos #milesofsmiles!


Pro and Premium Membership

When you’re a Drive Pro or Premium Member you get unparalleled opportunities to grow your business, share your expertise and attract more clients.

You also get fantastic support to build your business with expert advice and discounted services.

  • You can attend any Drive meeting, anywhere.

This is a lot cleverer than it sounds! We use an active attendance list so that everyone attending a meeting gets their website and Twitter Name added to the list as a clickable link. We encourage everyone to look at the websites and say hello on Twitter so you always know who will be in the room, know who you want to meet and get to break the ice before the meeting. No more dreaded “What do you do?” openers!

We also bring everyone together on-line after the meetings to discuss what you learned and how you’ll apply it to your business. Everyone inspires each other! So much better than cheesy follow-up emails!

We’ll ask you to give us an interview about your business and have it published and sent to all Drive members and circulated at regular intervals on all the Drive social channels.

  • Add your details to the searchable Members Directory.
  • Be the expert in our weekly “Ask the Expert” discussions. The content of these sessions gets hundreds of views in our Facebook Group and they are added to our blog and sent to all Drive members and circulated at regular intervals on all the Drive social channels, bringing you to new audiences all the time!
  • Write for the Drive blog or share your own blog posts with Drive members and we’ll share them on our social channels at regular intervals.
  • Join fantastic “What’s Keeping You Up at Night” discussions with our resident nerdy geek (her words) Louise Lee. Louise specialises in finding the optimum tools to help make your business run smoothly and improve productivity. She helps Drive members to embrace technology and avoid the IT learning curve!

“What I love about Drive is that it’s all based on mutual support, with members sharing experiences and knowledge and giving everyone help and encouragement to develop. We fool around because we have a connection and we trust each other, with no need for pressure to ‘do business’. Any work we do together will be based on that human relationship, the soul of the whole Drive network.” Jon Torrens 

Exclusive to Premium Members 

As well as all of the above, as a Drive Premium member you can run your own workshops using the Drive Zoom account. We’ll publicise them and share the attendance list with you. We’ll also record the content and share it with our list.

Add your own events to the Drive Events Calendar and we’ll publicise them for you too. We’ll even sell tickets and collect the money for you!

You get automatic membership of the Drive Business Growth Club that includes individual mentoring to help you grow your business.

You get access to The Work Smart Not Hard Programme -an eight module programme that you can work through on your own, or with Drive Founder Ann Hawkins. More details here Work Smart Programme 

We’ll help you to set goals and stay accountable for achieving them in the exclusive monthly Mastermind Group.

All for less than 90p a day!

Choose your membership level and Join Now! 

Worried about competition?

Unlike many networking organisations we don’t make false promises about “locking out the competition” so you’re likely to find other Drive Members offering similar services to you.

Just like real life, everyone connects with the people they get to know and trust most, so those who are most active, helpful and engaging in the on-line group will be the ones that get noticed and referred when someone is looking for a specific service. Drive attracts people who are more interested in collaboration than competition and people with similar skills enjoy sharing ideas and working together on projects.