The Premium Learning Hub

As well as all the Free and Pro learning resources, Premium Members get, well … Premium Learning Resources!

These include automatic membership the comprehensive Business Growth Club, designed to give you everything you need to grow the business you really want.

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Knowledge is provided in eight “Work Smart Not Hard” workbooks that you can use at your own pace in any order you choose.
Each workbook helps you to identify what you need to do to grow your business – it’s personal and specific to you, not a generic template.

Support comes from Ann Hawkins, founder of Drive, author of New Business Next Steps, creator of the Work Smart Not Hard Programme and a business advisor with over 20 years experience, and from a peer group of Drive Premium members.
Any question you have about growing your business will be answered by people you can trust.

Accountability is to your peer group of business owners. Together you help each other to overcome obstacles and keep on track until you achieve your goals and we celebrate your success together! People who share accountability in a peer group report 80% more success is achieving their goals.

Find out more about The Business Growth Club and the Work Smart Programme.