The Drive Business Growth Club

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Most people who start a business want to do something they love, but the practical, everyday process of running a business can be daunting.

It needs a different set of skills.

That’s where the Drive Business Growth Club comes in.

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There are three things that make a huge difference to business owners:

  • Knowledge
  • Support
  • Accountability

The Drive Business Growth Club provides all three.

Knowledge is provided in eight “Work Smart Not Hard” workbooks that you can use at your own pace in any order you choose.

Each workbook helps you to identify what you need to do to grow your business – it’s personal and specific to you, not a generic template.

Support comes from Ann Hawkins, founder of Drive, author of New Business Next Steps, creator of the Work Smart Not Hard Programme and a business advisor with over 20 years experience, and from a peer group of Drive Premium members.

Any question you have about growing your business will be answered by people you can trust.

Accountability is to your peer group of business owners. Together you help each other to overcome obstacles and keep on track until you achieve your goals and we celebrate your success together! People who share accountability in a peer group report 80% more success is achieving their goals.

How does it work?

The Drive Business Growth Club is available exclusively to Premium members of Drive the Network.
When you are logged in as a Premium Member you can access all eight Work Smart Not Hard workbooks.
You can download them, save them, or print them, and use them in any order.
We show you how to set your goals and your action plan.|
We hold a monthly on-line MasterMind Group meeting for peer group and mentoring support.
You can ask any questions, or get help any time you need it.
We’ll make sure you stay on track, help you if you get stuck and celebrate your success when you achieve your goals!

This is what’s covered in the “Work Smart Not Hard” workbooks:

Plan to Change
One of the reasons why so many people fail to reach their goals is that change can be hard to manage. Everything you do affects everything else and it’s too easy to slip back into doing things the way you’ve always done them. This workbook has lots of tips and techniques to help you to make plans so that changes are easier to implement!

Build Your Foundation
Even if you’ve been in business for a while, its worth checking that you’ve got all the right building blocks in place!
This is where you identify exactly what you’re aiming for and start to create a plan to take you there.

Sell with Integrity
The internet has changed the way people buy and how they like to be sold to. We’ll show you how to use the most effective, up-to date sales techniques and to understand your ideal clients. Your website, SEO, PPC, content marketing and social media are all part of the new sales process,. We’ll show you how to build trusted relationships and loyal customers who keep coming back.

Increase Profits
Learn to love managing your finances with our simple but effective tools and techniques. Understand how to find and focus on the most profitable activities in your business and why your own attitude to money could be holding you back.

Have Time for Everything
By understanding your own most productive preferences you can have enough time for everything you need and want to do, as well as knowing the true value of “re-creation” time.

Use Free Technology
Learn how to choose the right approach for your business and how to stay on top of fast changing technology. Get your processes streamlined and your systems joined up!

Don’t Do It Alone
The main reason that businesses fail to grow is when the business owner tries to do everything themselves. Recognise when to outsource, collaborate or hire help and how to manage other people to get the results you need.

Plan your Profitable Future
Get your three year growth plan mapped out and understand how to have your best year – every year.

Over 90% of small businesses fail before they get to five years old – and many of those that survive barely provide a living for the business owner.
We want to change that!

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