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These are some of the Drive members who have shared their expertise in our weekly Ask the Expert sessions.

You’ll find discussions on Social Media, SEO, Email Marketing, Websites, Blogging, Networking, and more with a new one added every week!

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How to create, capture and deliver value with your business model – Ludo Chapman
How to create an effective growth strategy for your brand – Dan Ince
How to use your brand to attract the right customers – Andy Boothman
Top tips for business and life – The Drive Tribe
How to avoid the feast and famine sales cycle – Andy Bargery
How to plan a marketing campaign – Hayley Williams
How to get more action on your website – Dave Sheppard
Does your Business Need a Trademark? Rachael Ward
Everything you need to know about PR – Lindsay Ephgrave
Get More Done with Slack – Louise Lee
How to outsource successfully – Rachel Way
How to profit from Facebook’s changes – Lenka Koppova
How to use video in your marketing mix – Jessica Hawkins
How good graphic design can make your business better – Berenice Smith
Should your business have an app? – Amy Lo
How to make the most of your blog – Rachel Extance
How to be more resilient in business – Charlotte Ashley-Roberts
An Introduction to Xero – Emma James
How to get your business to run without you – Louise Lee
Get to Grips with your Books – Emma James
How to Use LinkedIn for Your Business – Lenka Koppova
How to Choose Keywords for SEO – Andrew Cock-Starkey
How to Create and Market Memorable Events – Justin and Jemma Crane
How to Get More Stuff Done – Louise Lee
Seven Basic SEO Tips – Andrew Cock-Starkey
What does GDPR Mean for You? – Lawbite
How to Use Instagram – Lenka Koppova
How to Create and Sell On-Line Courses – Helen Lindop
How to Pitch a Story to a Journalist – Rachel Extance
How to Deliver Great Presentations – Jon Torrens
Direct Marketing What it is and How to do it – Jessica Hawkins
How to Make Your Website Work Harder for Your Business – Karen Arnott
How to Plan for Success and Profit – Nicky Peters
How to Maximise Your Blog Content – The Drive Tribe
How to Get Your Life Back – Shari Khan
How to Write Well – Beth Burleigh
How to Use Trello – Louise Lee
Create Great Images for Your Business – Jemima Wilcox
How Not to be the Worst Boss You’ve Ever Had – David Brown
Exploring Zoom – Louise Lee
How to Recruit on a Budget – Sarah Kemp
Getting to Grips with Bookkeeping – Emma James
The Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing – Ann Hawkins
How to Avoid Boring Tasks – Louise Lee
Understanding Your Customer Journey – Andy Boothman
How to Get Better at Decision Making – Louise Frayne
Getting Rid of Self Doubts – Nicky Peters
How to Use Twitter – Lenka Koppova
How to Avoid Cyber Attacks – Ken Seymour
Marketing SOS – Hayley Williams
How to Use Facebook – Lenka Koppova
Why Your Website Needs to be Mobile Friendly – Philip Saich
How to Prioritise Your Efforts – Keith Shering
How to go from Idea to Product – John Petre
Building Confidence from the Inside Out – David Brown
How to Create a Great Strapline – Andy Boothman
Everything You Need to Know About Trademarks – Rachael Ward
How to Network On-Line – Ann Hawkins
Get Your Accounts Sorted! – Kelly Anstee
How to Speak with Confidence – Dawn Gregory
Your First Employee – What you Need to Know – Louise Frayne
Retargeting, PPC and AdWords – Sam Taylor
How On-Line Forms can Improve your Business – Karl Gjertsen
Solving Your IT Problems – Ken Seymour
How Not to Fail in Business – Ann Hawkins
Getting Your Business Organised – Louise Lee
How to Deliver Great Presentations – Jon Torrens
How to Build Your Confidence – David Brown
The Difference between Content, SEO and Social Media – Sam Taylor and Lenka Koppova
Get Found Using SEO and PPC – Sam Taylor
Branding is More than a Logo – Andy Boothman

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