Your account is in your control.

Log in to the Drive website using the email address you used to join. Create a password and use this log in to control your payments and access  content.

Slack Group

The main channel of communication for members is our Slack Group.
New members introductions, updates on events, questions and discussions all take place here.
Use it to get feedback on ideas, answers to questions, and support whenever you need it.
Show up to help others, not just when you need help.

Post links to your latest blog posts and LinkedIn posts and other members will give you feedback, comments and share with their network where appropriate and of course, you can do the same for them.

Keep all your Drive communications in one place and out of emails.
Channels make topics easy to find.
Always “answer in a thread” to keep comments on a topic easy to find and keep the content searchable.
Direct Messages can be used for 1-1 or small group chats.

LinkedIn Page and LinkedIn Group

Follow our LinkedIn PAGE (different to the Group).

Join our LinkedIn GROUP  and take part in our weekly check-ins keeping everyone up to date with what’s happening in your business.

This is the highest return activity for the lowest time investment. Respond to the prompt, do your own check-in and comment on other people’s. Have conversations, come back anytime during the week to catch up. It only takes a few minutes and gives you visibility to over 900 group members.

Share your offerings, events, blog posts, and news with the group any day of the week.


Follow @DrivetheNetwork.
Comment and re-tweet notices about events and invite your followers to join in. We’ll tag you in posts about any event you’re running so you can share it with your followers.

Follow our Twitter List to get tweets from our members without having to follow every individual. Chat to other members, share their posts, build relationships and have fun!

Drive Events

However little time you have or whatever your circumstances, we’ve designed our events to help everyone connect and network.

All information is on the Events Page.


We have two newsletters – one just for Members which is a quick but essential update on important news and one to a general list of over 2,000 subscribers that promotes members and their events and news.  Please check they’re not going into your spam folder.

Learning Hub

There is a wealth of information on every topic related to keeping both you and your business healthy and thriving. If you can’t find what you need, just ask and we’ll point you to the best sources.


Peer Group mentoring is available in our Slack Group where you can ask any question and get help from our Premium Members.

1-1 mentoring is available from Drive Founder, Ann Hawkins, accessed through the Slack Group.

Finally – if you enjoy being part of Drive, please invite other small business owners to join. The bigger the range of expertise we have, the more everyone benefits!