Drive London

Drive’s Dine and Grow

Each month we host a dinner with a speaker.
Not a celebrity speaker – someone like us who is running their own business but with a bit more experience that we can learn from.
They’re accessible and approachable and they want to help us to succeed. Their stories are honest and they’ll share the highs, lows and hows they encountered while creating their successful business.

Will you join us? We’re currently curating the next run of speakers and once it’s ready we’ll email you details so you can book your spot.

The dinners are wonderfully intimate affairs with only you and 10 other business owners and they’re held on the last Thursday of the month so make sure to keep those days free.

Our hosts are the welcoming and wonderful team at Salatto 31, EC3, which is a two minute walk from Bank/Monument.

Drive, The Partnership Network is different because we’re creating a movement, not a network. Members of Drive are life changers not networkers.

Wouldn’t you like to be a life changer? Join the “interested” list now, and we’ll email you details as soon as everything is confirmed.

Drive, the Partnership Network, is a dynamic learning and support network for owners of small businesses.

Too many small businesses fail because they don’t get the right support and information – but it doesn’t have to be like that!

We know what it means to put your hopes and dreams into a business (not to mention your life savings!) and we want to make sure you succeed and build a business that gives you a great life as well as a great living.

Join us and become a life changer.

Louise Lee

Louise runs Saunders and Lee, a firm that helps businesses to be more productive by getting their systems and processes synced to work seamlessly.

A self confessed nerd with a passion for tech, Louise is also an accredited Private Secretary  and her unique blend of skills and experience gives her clients the edge when it comes to productivity.

You can find Louise at Saunders and Lee , on Twitter @TheLouiseLee and on LinkedIn

Louise Lee