Room 2 Think is a free service offered to key workers and Premium Members of Drive who would like 1:1 support to talk about the impact that Covid-19 is having on them.

The service is offered by members of Drive the Network who are qualified to work with people in a therapeutic, coaching and/or advisory capacity.

How does it work?  We offer each person up to three 30-minute sessions which can be conducted via phone, Zoom, or other digital application. These sessions are primarily a listening service, giving each person a one-to-one confidential and non-judgemental environment to talk about the anxieties and concerns they are currently experiencing. The sessions are free.

Sessions are available Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 5.30 pm depending on availability.
What will you get?  Room 2 Think partners will hold a safe space for you to talk about and think through issues that are causing you concern or stress. All conversations are strictly confidential.

What happens after the three free sessions?

If you would like to continue working with your thinking partner or Room 2 Think, please approach us to discuss next steps. 

Who are we?

The team offering this service come from a variety of work and training backgrounds, including life coaching, counselling, financial coaching, psychotherapy and executive coaching.

Angie Taylor

I discovered EFT and MR in 2014 while studying blocks to success and abundance and found these two techniques so effective that I never looked back! In 2016 I qualified with Karl Dawson, one of the 29 original EFT Masters and the creator of Matrix Reimprinting. I now work with clients all over the world via Skype or Facetime.

Thor A Rain MA (hons) Dip.Clin.Hyp.NLP.Coach.EFT

A health activist, trainer and pain and fatigue specialist, Thor has helped 100s of people use First Aid for Feelings to deal with stress, pain, fatigue, anxiety and overwhelm. Having pioneered this approach to aid their own recovery from ME and fibromyalgia, they set up a social enterprise, The Helpful Clinic to share it more widely.

Dennis Harhalakis

Dennis Harhalakis is a behavioural money coach and founder of Cambridge Money Coaching. Dennis helps people to recognise, understand and change their patterns and behaviours around money. By giving people a unique insight into how they think and make decisions, Dennis shows them how to overcome their anxiety and liberate themselves from self-limiting beliefs.

David Brown

David is a life coach and stress management and resilience trainer using embodiment tools for greater confidence, emotional regulation and self-management. He uses his experience as a martial arts instructor to work with clients through breath, posture, movement, mindset and embodiment to empower them towards greater fulfilment, presence and personal power. 

Anne Archer

Anne takes a whole person, whole life perspective, supporting people at work through coaching and workshops; helps managers to spot early signs of people struggling and leaders to create cultures where everyone can thrive. She is a Mental Health First Aid instructor; Crisis Volunteer; Researcher and Faculty with Resilience Engine; Mental Fitness and Wellbeing Coach and Author.

We’re also pleased to offer this service to Premium Members of Drive.
If you’d like to be put in touch with one of the coaches, please let us know. 

There are many other useful resources on our Exceptional Support Page