We’ve never lived through times like this before and everyone needs different levels of support so we’ve brought a lot of resources together to help as much as possible.

Here are some resources that might help in the current situation:

How to deal with the critic in your head

Do you have a voice in your head that says mean things to you? Things like “Who do you think you are?” …

How to cope with a business crisis

The coronavirus has thrown us all into uncharted waters and is causing a lot of anxiety about our businesses …

How to deal with anxieties about money

Do you get anxious when you think about money? Even if this isn’t your usual behaviour, a lot of us are anxious now …

Mindfulness and habits for wellbeing

Lots of people are finding that their ability to concentrate has been badly affected …

Coping with change

Most people are really showing the strain of being on a roller coaster of emotions …

How to focus your energy 

Is uncertainty making it hard to focus? Are you expending energy but not achieving your goals?

Regain your confidence and sense of purpose

Uncertainty is hard to deal with – and we’re dealing with it a lot! Uncertainty causes us to lose focus and confidence.

Working with archetypes 

Archetypes are universal, inborn models of behaviour that play a role in how we deal with situations.

So anyhoo…proud that the business has not only kept going but seems to be progressing in a positive direction. Amazed that I’ve been a lot more resilient than I thought I was. Excited to be putting all the learnings from this fab tribe into action: With help from Ann Hawkins to make and stick to a plan ➡️ to getting the confidence from David Brown‘s workshop ➡️ to approach people I need to ask questions of, ➡️ and knowing what to ask thanks to Prue Butterworth and J Laurence Sarno and then write the right words ➡️ to make the website updates that Karen Arnott recommended, and will also ➡️ feed into my social media strategy which is clearer thanks to Rachel Extance and Emilie. Plus help from Helen Lindop with email marketing questions and Louise for getting organised, and much more advice besides from others! This group has been invaluable. Anne-Marie Miller

Being a member of Drive has been one of the best things to come out of 2020, without a doubt.
Susie Tobias

I have reflected on where I’m at now, compared to six months ago, and am very grateful to a few folks in the Drive group particularly: David Brown – the Embodiment Circles earlier in the summer really helped my mindset and outlook. Sharing with people around the globe is very powerful. Louise Lee – for having some very wise words at the very beginning of all this. Dennis Harhalakis – for putting me in touch with an amazing money coach who worked wonders with me and my husband at a difficult time Rachel Extance – for brilliant copywriting and suggestions for my new website J Laurence Sarno – for being a fantastic sounding board about my ideal client and how to attract them Andy Boothman – for always having such a positive outlook. One to emulate! Ann Hawkins – for bringing us all together is ever-adaptive ways. Drive really is the BEST network of lovely folks. Thank you for what you do. And last but not least, everyone who’s joined in the coffee mornings, workshops and online networking and cheered me up. It’s been great to get to know people better, I forget I’ve never been in the same room as some of you.  Karen Arnott 

Everyone in Drive is committed to helping each other get through every day as best we can. If you’re feeling low you can be assured that just turning up to any of our activities will make you feel better, even if you don’t say anything. If you can’t bring yourself to join in check out how you can get free 1:1 support.