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‘ED (not quite TED) Talks – You are not special / Every day cyber safety

5th March @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

How to guard against scams and hackers

Every week we hear of some new virus, ransomware or internet scam on the news. It seems like the hackers are everywhere, and they’re out to get us! And to top all that, my bank has emailed me and asked me to change my password

There I was, on the phone to Microsoft Office, apparently my MacBook had some sort of virus, when I received an email from my bank saying they need to switch me to a new server and I need to click the link and input my password! I need to do this because I’m about to receive a hefty sum of money from my 3rd cousin, thrice removed. I need the money, as my boss still hasn’t paid me back after buying all of those iTunes vouchers last week.

The paragraph above contains details of four common scams hackers are targeting us with. If you spotted all four, well done. Now, how do we guard against them without having to become like the hackers targeting us?
In this talk I will describe the scams above and a couple more, as well as how you may guard against them. A little bit of security goes a long way.

Shey Crompton has 20 years work experience covering test leadership, software testing, and project management in multiple sectors, testing, mentoring & coaching testers, and testing web and mobile applications.

Shey is active within the testing community, speaking or running workshops at conferences, organising meetups such as the London Tester Gathering, and mentoring in initiatives such as The Software Tester Clinic (now Essentials).

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5th March
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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