Get VIP Status at Cambridge Social Media Day 2019

Want to build the business of your dreams?

Cambridge Social Media Day 2019 is a great opportunity to learn, network and be inspired.

We want to help you get even more out of the event by giving you all the tools you need to transform your business and your life!

When you started your business did you dream of …

  • working with clients who pay you what you’re worth?
  • freedom to choose when to work and who to work with?
  • enjoying the thrill of building a business?
  • the security of being in charge of your own destiny?

Members of Drive the Network are helping each other to do all of this – and more! 

Our members are a unique community of experts who share what they know to help each other build great businesses and great lives. Join the Drive Tribe and get a fast track to building the business of your dreams!

Premium Members of Drive the Network get
VIP status at
CSM Day 2019! 

Premium membership of Drive costs £299 a year. Join now and get 20% discount off your CSM Day 2019 Ticket as well as VIP  status with exclusive benefits that are priceless, including

Membership of a powerful and supportive community that will help you succeed

Access to a wide range of expertise whenever you need it

Support and accountability for 12 months

Hear what Lenka Koppova, creator of CSM Day 2019, thinks of Drive! 

The Six Step Programme

We’ve taken the most popular lessons from the “New Business Next Steps” book, the favourite modules from our Work Smart Not Hard programme, and mixed in the juiciest of our amazing Ask the Expert sessions. The result is the most powerful interactive programme you will ever need to build a great business!

Step 1: Have Time for Everything
We’ll help you to manage your business and personal time and show you how to create the freedom you wanted when you started a business.

Step 3: Create a Marketing Plan
Marketing can be a minefield. We’ll help you devise the best plan for your business and show you how to work out costs and measure results.

Step 5: Make your business run without you 
Can you go on holiday and know your business will still be earning money? We’ll show you how!

Step 2: Increase Profits
Learn about value and pricing, cashflow and planning, and why your own attitude to money could be holding you back.

Step 4: Sell with Integrity
Too many small businesses spend time and money on marketing but fail to make sales. Discover how to make your marketing pay for itself by making more sales and creating trusted relationships.

Step 6: Plan your future success
With the tools and knowledge in place, we’ll help you to create a plan that will keep you on the right track to achieve your goals!

How the Six Step Programme is delivered 

  • Start with a one-to-one set up discussion with Ann Hawkins*
  • Join a live video conference every month that you can access free from any location on any device.
  • If you can’t make a session you’ll get the recording and can still join in the support discussions, ask questions, and access our resident experts in our private forum.
  • As well as gaining lots of knowledge, support and accountability, you’ll be building the most powerful and useful network you’ll ever need.
  • By the time you come to the CSM Day 2019 on 7 & 8 November, you’ll already have new friends and supporters who really know you and your business… making CSM Day 2019 even more valuable and more focused on your success.
  • You’ll get step by step guidance to create an action plan for 2020 and 12 months support and accountability to make it work!
*Ann Hawkins is the founder of Drive, the co-author of best selling book New Business, Next Steps (Pearson plc), and the creator of the acclaimed Work Smart Not Hard Programme.