What does sponsoring an event have to do with serving your clients?

Sponsorship is usually seen as just another marketing tactic – a way to get your brand in front of more people – but it can also enhance your relationship with exisiting clients – or in our case, our members.

One of the things I’ve always believed in is engaging with people, giving them useful, interesting and entertaining information. Getting into their world. Making it not about you.

We decided to invest our marketing budget into sponsoring the Cambridge Social Media Day 2019 #CSMDay2019  because it adds something really valuable to the  small businesses that we help every day.

Social Media, Time and Money

Most small businesses struggle with a lack of time and money and social media is a double edged sword. It’s attractive as a marketing tool because its free – apart from the time it sucks up. Learning from real experts about the best way to make social media marketing work can be a huge benefit, so by sponsoring the event and helping to keep the ticket prices low, we’re helping more small businesses to escape the lack of time and money trap.

No-one needs to walk into a room full of strangers

One of the benefits of attending events is to engage with others, to connect with the speakers, and to feel part of a community. By starting early to help build a great network for everyone who attends, we’re making sure that people feel connected before they turn up. Looking forward to meeting people you’re already connected to on-line brings a real feeling of anticipation to the event and makes it even easier to build great connections.

Providing an experience that lasts beyond the event

Premium Members of Drive the Network are known for their willingness to help other business owners by freely sharing their expertise.

At #CSMDay2019 we’ll be having fun showing the power of subtle networking and how this builds powerful trusted connections.  We’ll be inviting delegates to join in a game that maps our connections and gives everyone a valuable resource to take away with them.

We’re also collaborating with other sponsors and the speakers at the event to bring even more value to delegates. We’ve had Q&A’s with three prominent speakers in Ask the Expert sessions and these can be enjoyed here:

John Espirian – What You Need to Know about LinkedIn

Andy Lambert – How to Create a Social Media Strategy

Kirstie Smith – Creating Social Media Content

Making Meaningful Connections

How much easier is it to start a conversation when you already know something about the person you want to connect with?

If you bowl up to John, Andy or Kirstie and tell them you enjoyed their Ask the Expert session you’re bound to get a great reaction and have a lovely conversation and they’re more likely to want to find out about you.

The same applies to anyone else coming to the event. If you spend a few minutes finding out who they are (not just what they do) you’ll have more memorable conversations and make more meaningful connections.

We’ll be having more Q&As and Ask the Expert sessions with speakers after the event, and with our members to find out and share what they learned so the value of the network keeps on building.

It’s going to be fun!

If you haven’t got your ticket yet – better hurry! Cambridge Social Media Day 2019 – Tickets