There are so many options for reaching your target market – how do you choose?

One of the things I’ve always believed in is engaging with people, giving them useful, interesting and entertaining information. Getting into their world. Making it not about you.

That’s why sponsoring an event that is designed to do those things for your target market is a really smart move!

We decided to sponsor the Cambridge Social Media Day 2019 #CSMDay2019 and we think other businesses whose target market is small business owners could benefit from doing the same.

Tick off the reasons below …

Build a great network before the event happens

One of the reasons people come to events is to engage with others, to engage with speakers, and to feel part of a community. #CSMDay last year had a great community feel during the event and for a long time afterwards. This year people are already eager to reconnect, so we’re starting early and helping to build a great network for everyone who attends. The more we do that, the more exposure we get for our brand and for our members, who all get VIP status at the event! Everybody wins!

Be part of giving delegates a superb experience

We all know that social media is important for most small businesses but that it can be really hard for them to know who to trust when it comes to figuring out how to use it. #CSMDay2019 is building on the reputation it earned last year with really strong speakers who know their social media niche inside out and are there to share knowledge, not to sell to the delegates.  The organiser, Lenka Koppova, has already established a great reputation for integrity and has gone to great lengths to vet and choose speakers who are worth her trust and, as we trust her judgement, we’re happy to endorse them too. We’re confident that our community will be stronger from learning from them.
Lenka has also inspired a team of dedicated professionals who manage the catering, hospitality and essential behind the scenes activity, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and all the delegates have a great time.

Who better to promote a social media event than social media experts?

Social media promotion for events is an integral part of their success but so many get it wrong. Not in this case! All the speakers and the organiser, as well as most of the delegates, are social media savvy, so we’re guaranteed our sponsorship won’t be wasted and will get the best possible exposure! We’re also teaming up with other sponsors to support and amplify each other’s messages and create really useful, interesting content for delegates in the run up to the event.

It’s not just about exposure at the event

We’ve been getting exposure for our brand for months already and its only going to increase the nearer the start date gets and more people buy tickets. The event was sold out last year so people aren’t going to leave it till the last minute to get involved! This means that every week we get exposure to more and more people in a really good way. We’re already having conversations with people we’re really looking forward to meeting in person.

No dodgy follow ups!

We’ve all had the “Its was good to meet you …” sales calls after exhibitions and events. With #CSMDay2019 the community is really connected, and the conversations continue long after the event.  Our sponsorship guarantees that we’re part of the story, and it’s a happy, feel-good story. There’s no need for icky follow ups, we’re just talking to people who already know us and strengthening the relationship.

And finally – a hidden benefit

The benefits of sponsoring events are many, but supporting someone who has the courage to do something different, who puts the work in to make things happen, and who works with integrity, is a real joy. Lenka Koppova is creating something valuable for her community and its our pleasure to support her and the event, and through that, support our own members and the rest of the small business community at the same time! It’s a real win/win!

Why don’t you contact Lenka  about grabbing a spnsorship deal for your business?