You might have tried networking once:

Trying to eat an indifferent breakfast while people you’ve never met demand, “What do you do?”

Waiting your turn with a sinking heart as the ritual of the sales pitch works its way around the room, turning 60 seconds into forever, again and again and again.

There are people who enjoy the networking ritual

Being forced into a “1 to 1” with people you’d usually cross the road to avoid.

If you hated all this and never went back, congratulations! 

If you were persuaded against your better judgement to give it a go, but dread the ordeal, we’re truly sorry.

There are also people who’d rather run naked round a rugby pitch

There are people who enjoy the networking ritual, and people for whom it works really well, bringing them lots of business referrals.

But there are also lots of people like us who’d rather run naked round a rugby pitch than submit to another ghastly pretence of bonhomie.


That’s why we started DRIVE.

You see, business networking can be great.

When you’re with a bunch of people who don’t want to sell you anything and don’t expect you to recommend them to your friends, you can MAKE friends.

When you’re with a bunch of people who aren’t pretending that business is always great, you can be honest and get real support.

When you’re with a bunch of people who don’t know it all, you can learn a lot, together.

A side product of this is that people get to genuinely like and trust you and want to help you to build your business, so they do recommend you to their friends without you having to ask.

If you’ve been put off networking, we’d like you to give it another go and see how different it can be.

Come to a Drive the Network  event and see for yourself!

You’ll see who is attending the day before the event so you can check who you’d like to meet.

You’ll never have to give or listen to an elevator pitch.

You’ll never be asked to give referrals.

You can just be you, meet nice people and have fun.

Oh, and grow your business while you do it!

“It has been a real privilege to see Drive grow and to be part of the story. I have learned so much from the online discussions and the meetings. I wouldn’t have imagined I would be part of a case study for a business collaboration due to Drive, or that I would meet so many genuine and passionate business owners. I’m looking forward to what the next year will bring.” With best wishes, Jo Bryant The Hands-On Company