You’re good at what you do but how do you get to be good at running a business?

This is a raw, honest and funny talk about how Vince Rudgewick, a plumber, transformed his business by stepping back from the day to day work and learning how to run a business.

Clarity Heating was started by two friends in 2009 and is now growing steadily with employees, equipment, vehicles and premises growing along with the business!


Vince covers many issues that small businesses face:

Turning down work that isn’t profitable.
Learning how to use spreadsheets.
Understanding how business works.
Letting go and hiring people.
Believing in yourself (still a work in progress).
Understanding customers, suppliers and the market.
Stepping outside of the safe zone.
Planning for success, risking failure.
Just having a product to sell isn’t enough.
OK can be a trap.
Friends as customers.
How big is big enough.

Plus a wonderful Q&A from Drive members delving deeper into what it takes …

Listen here:

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