“Pleased to meet you”

I was utterly bowled over when I watched an episode of a TV talent show when a contestant was taken to meet the international superstar Justin Timberlake.

As the unknown approached the star, he (the superstar) proffered his hand  and said “Hi I’m Justin”.

Now a guy like that could be forgiven for assuming that most people in the music industry know who he is. He could even be forgiven for assuming that a lot of the general public know who he is – but there he was, INTRODUCING HIMSELF.

I immediately took notice. Someone with that level of awareness of putting other people at ease, of not making assumptions, is worth taking notice of.

I’ve been to networking events where the idea is to meet people, get to know, like and trust them and maybe do business with them, where that level of self awareness would work wonders.

A place where everybody knows your name?

People, there is no such place.

You may think that folks know who you are.

You may simply be so unused to such gatherings that you’re not aware that someone would like to introduce you but has forgotten or never knew your name.

Either way, please, ease the social interaction by simply copying the superstar and saying your name every time, as many times as necessary, always and forever, so that no-body feels awkward, or worse, walks away without ever  learning your name.

That simple gesture  turned me into a fan of Mr. Timberlake that has nothing to do with his prowess as an entertainer. I’m a fan of his awareness and humility and his desire to put someone at ease.

It’s such a simple thing to do but it speaks volumes.

In any interaction, its never about you, its always about the person you’re meeting.

If you focus on them and not on you, you’ll be the superstar.