How do you know what to do and who to trust when it comes to Social Media advice?

Social Media is a minefield for most small businesses. There is so much conflicting advice and constant changes. Talking to Lenka Koppova Social Media Consultant is breath of fresh air.

Her advice is always consistent and always practical. Start with a strategy, make a plan, do a customer persona profile, give it time, measure results, and keep it real and authentic!

In this Ask the Expert Q&A we also mention Lenka’s talent for building a business that suits her lifestyle and organising ground breaking events!

How many platforms?

Karl Gjertsen Should i pick 1 or 2 platforms and concentrate on those, or should I do a little on as many platforms as I can?

Lenka Koppová Definitely pick only 1-2 platforms and focus on those. Don’t try to be everywhere. Do your research and find where your prospects and ideal customers hang out and be there. Really get to know the platform, how it works, what content people want to consume, etc. I’d always recommend having a platform-specific strategy as well as having an overall social media plan in place.

Creating events

Krishna Dhokia Solanki I’d love to know how and when you decided you were at a good place in your business to organise the first Cambridge Social Media Day. Did you start off by organising the meet-up events first?

Lenka Koppová I started my Meetup about a year before even thinking about running Cambridge Social Media Day. I’ve seen other meetups becoming more and more popular, so I knew the demand is here. I also started travelling a lot more around the UK and I’ve attended a couple similar events in London – which got me thinking – why do we have to go to London?! We have the community, we have some nice venue, we have great events people, we have awesome experts… plus I got to know a lot of other experts, so it felts like I have all the main parts covered. I followed the demand and made sure I listen to what people actually want.

Krishna Dhokia Solanki Did you feel nervous about setting up your meet-up – was there was already a demand for it?

Lenka Koppová Setting up my meetup wasn’t actually that hard. We started small and very informal, without any presentations and talks. Just networking, sharing, learning. From there, I again listened to the demand from people and changed the event as needed to suit my changing business as well as changing needs from the community. You always need to start somewhere. I wouldn’t be able to run #CSMDay2019 if I hadn’t run the first, second, third meetup for a hand-full of people.

Instagram TV

Charlie Hart I’d like to ask about IGTV. I know very little about it but have heard good things. Do you think the platform is a more appropriate place for us freelancers to build a following? Can we post less polished content then on YouTube? 🤔

Lenka Koppová IGTV is a very interesting platform. It didn’t take off as fast at Instagram hoped, but in the last couple of months, it’s been getting more and more attention and better results.

IGTV is a vertical video platform that’s part of Instagram. It allows users to upload longer videos (10mins for non-verified accounts, up to 1 hour for verified accounts).

Compared to Instagram Stories, the biggest advantage (aside from the length) is that the content stays on the platform forever (Instagram Stories disappear in 24h). It also allows you to add a description, external links, have comments and share a preview in your grid (just to name a couple).

The whole social media video is moving away from produced and polished videos towards more raw, real, in-the-moment, mobile videos – so quality and equipment isn’t the biggest issue anymore. What matters now is storytelling, great content, authenticity, emotion, consistency, engagement.

IGTV is definitely an interesting place to keep an eye on. As well as Instagram Stories, IGTV in a great way for freelancers to promote their business and connect with their prospects and customers.

But as with any other platform and new trendy tool, it’s not about the tool and its features. The important thing is having a strategy, understanding your goals and how social media helps you achieve those goals, knowing where your audience is and how you can serve them with your online content.

Andy Boothman There are many (daily) messages trying to recruit you into selling of likes on Instagram, they come from seemingly ‘normal’ accounts where people are making a secondary income from ‘promoting your content’. My gut says stay away, it’s about quality not quantity. I’ve had a lot of similar requests on other channels, nothing new there, but Insta seems to be awash with it and that concerns me on a number of levels.

Lenka Koppová  My advice is stay away from all of those sorts of accounts. When it comes to social media, what’s not following the organic and genuine approach never works!

Customer Personas

Kate Patterson For the work that Louise Moles and I do (Thrive Consultants), which platforms aught we to consider? We’re both on FB, Louise is the Twitter queen, I use Instagram and LinkedIn. What platforms do people over 35 use?

Lenka Koppová It depends… It depends who they are, what are their preferences, where they hang out, what’s their behaviour. In each business, you’ll have 2-3 different audiences and each of them will be different. That’s where Customer Personas become very handy. They help you get a better understanding of your prospects/ideal clients and where/how to reach them.

It also depends on what type of content you want to share on these platforms, as different platforms will cater better to different types and forms of content.

At the end of the day, you could make ANY platform work for you with a strategic and creative approach.

My advice would be to:

– Put together/review your Customer Persona(s) to determine your primary platform

– Create a focused social media strategy (focusing on 1-2 platforms max)

– Avoid all other shiny new objects!

I’ve put together a Customer Persona Template that you can use.

If you’d like to know more about how to use social media, connect with Lenka on Twitter @LenkaKopp and get regular updates on her blog.