How hard is it to run one business successfully?

How about running two?

How about getting one business to feed the other so they both take off at an unprecedented rate?

In this video conference with Drive the Network members, Andy Boothman talks about his motivation, how he had to learn many new things, like influencer marketing, garment manufacturing, and protecting your designs, as well as apply basic business disciplines like controlling cashflow, predicting profits, and SO much more  – all while keeping his sense of humour and a good work / life balance.

How to run two businesses that feed each other! from Ann Hawkins on Vimeo.

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Andy spent over 20 years building his ‘Busy as AB’ branding business and then decided he wanted to try his hand at building a very different type of business.

A lifelong love of great shirts and tech, combined with a keen designers eye, led him to start Dress Code Shirts. 

Andy had no previous experience of manufacturing. He dived into a new world of garment styling, product design, pricing, on-line retailing, influencer marketing and much, much more – all while keeping his branding business flourishing!


Mens' shirt with a "glitch" design from Dress Code Shirts.
Dress Code Glitch – the design that started it all!

Launched in September 2018, the immediate results were astonishing and Andy was been asked to share his experience with many high impact entrepreneurial start-up programmes. He also received more enquiries for his branding business than ever before!

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