In 2018 Drive members had another exceptional year of sharing expertise and learning!

Drive members delight in sharing their expertise with each other and in learning from people who are in the process of growing great businesses.

Here is roundup of the topics that were shared formally – there is ten times more in the Drive Facebook Group and Slack Group!

Emma James “An introduction to Xero” 

Louise Lee “How to get your business to run without you” 

Rachel Extance “How to make the most of your blog” 

Amy Lo “Should your business have an app?”

Berenice Smith “How good graphic design can help your business”

Jess Hawkins “How to use video in your marketing mix” 

Lenka Koppova “How to profit from Facebook’s changes” 

Rachel Way “How to outsource successfully”

Louise Lee “Get more done with Slack” 

Lindsay Ephgrave “Everything you need to know about PR”

Rachael Ward “Does your business need a trademark?”

Andy Bargery “Avoiding the feast or famine sales cycle” 

Hayley Williams “How to plan a marketing campaign” 

The Drive Tribe “Top tips for business and life”

Louise Lee “How to get more stuff done” 

Andy Boothman “How to use your brand to attract the right customers”

Dan Ince “How to create an effective growth strategy for your brand” 

Ludo Chapman “How your business model creates value” 

Justin and Jemma Crane “How to succeeed at business exhibitions” 

Ciaron Dunne “Key ingredients for a successful business” 

David Brown “Learn to trust your intuition” 

Ann Hawkins “How to build a great network” 

Charlotte Ashley-Roberts “How to do everything and still have a life”

Martyn Sibley “How to use social media to build an audience and influence”

Hayley Williams “How to grow a business by building a team” 

Louise Lee and The Drive Tribe “How to survive the summer in business” 

Helen Lindop “7 reasons why I changed my mond about goal setting” 

Martina King “How to turn ideas into commercial success”

Lenka Koppova “How to get social media engagement and re-purpose content” 

Rachel Extance “How to use storytelling to attract your ideal customers”

Lenka Koppova “How to boost your social media engagement” 

Emma James “How to make good financial decisions in your business”

David Brown “Why we need to learn how to take a compliment!” 

Neil Bharadwa “How to overwhelm your customers with great service”

Berenice Smith “How to create a well-designed book” 

David Brown “What exactly is life coaching?”

Louise Moles and Kate Patterson “Creating well-being in schools” 

Tim Pain “12 rules for business and life”

Tania Brint “How to change your habits” 

Louise Moles and Kate Patterson “How to improve mental health”

Anne Bailey and Michaela Eschback “How a not-for-profit business model works” 

Andy Boothman “How to run two businesses that feed each other” 

Andrea Joyce “How to build a business as multi-hyphenate” 

Kath Austin BeeBee Wraps “Building a bsuiness that helps save the planet” 

Emma James “Tax doesn’t have to be scary!”

Berenice Smith “How to choose a font that creates the right reaction”

Charlie Hart “How to keep fit for business success” 

Daljit Virdee “How to use the numbers in your business to make good decisions” 

Helen Lindop “Use tech to stramline sales and marketing” 

Martyn Sibley “How to grow an audoence for your service or product” 

Rachel Way “How, why, and what to outsource” 

Kelly Molson Rubber Cheese “Celebrating 15 years in business” 

Charlotte Ashley-Roberts “How to review the year and celebrate your successes”