Uncertainty is hard to deal with – and we’re dealing with it a lot!

Uncertainty causes us to question our purpose and can lead to a loss of confidence as we start to approach clients for new work.
This is an opportunity to explore our business values and purpose and build our go-to approaches, how we deal with rejection and develop a growth mindset when the world is filled with doom and gloom!

  • Explore your values and purpose in business
  • Find ways to approach clients with confidence
  • Decide how to manage rejection

David Brown has built a career by dancing with uncertainty. Giving up a secure career in science at Cambridge University, he started a martial arts school 25 years ago and has continued to evolve his business into life coaching, training and facilitation. Uncertainty is at the heart of successful teaching, because dancing in this moment is what will bring the greatest fulfilment and learning. David loves stepping into the unknown with a general plan and then making it up on the spot as things unfold. Get David’s popular blog posts by signing up at www.potentialitycoaching.com

David’s YouTube Channel has lots of useful videos or relaxation, focusing energy and much more!

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