Quality of life is more important than profit.

This is just one of the surprising things that John Hoskins mentioned in his talk about running a traditional business in a modern world.

Employing 75 staff in the notoriously difficult hospitality trade, John’s approach to business is refreshing and surprising.

John became the first person in the restaurant business to pass the notoriously difficult “Master of Wine” exams, also winning the prestigious Bollinger Award for the best wine tasting result. He is also Exam Chair for the Master of Wine exams.

He formed Huntsbridge – a group of six Chef-run restaurants, built it up, sold off all the restaurants and then bought one back with interesting results on profits that he talks about here. As he explains, growth isn’t always good.

He now owns The Old Bridge, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire which includes an on site wine shop and wine tasting events.

John has a very unusual view of business and in his delightful talk shares many of the values that have made it possible to be successful in an industry where technology and tradition are often at odds.

You can hear John’s talk here:

A video of the talk is on our Drive YouTube channel https://youtu.be/k1TU7VFYY7w



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