Rachel Extance is an introvert who helps other people shine!

When Rachel first joined Drive she made it very clear that she wasn’t comfortable talking about herself or being the centre of attention but she loved learning about everyone else.

This was very handy in her career as an award-winning journalist but not a great advantage for someone who was starting a small business and had to find a way of promoting herself and her services.

Six years on and Rachel is still an introvert (we don’t change) but has overcome her reluctance to talk about how she can help other business owners get their messages out to the world so that they can build their own business.

Rachel has run numerous workshops for Drive members on how to write for their business: How to Create Content When You’re Short of Time (this is great fun!); How to Structure and Plan your Business Story; How to use Blogging to Build Your Business; How to Find the Stories that Appeal to your Target Audience. They’re all available in our Learning Hub

Rachel’s Writing Club for coaches and consultants is also proving to be a great success with Rachel’s mentoring and accountability encouraging members to be adventurous with their writing.

The Story Cave is Rachel’s place for sharing a love of writing. She describes it as an homage to how humans have shared stories with each other for millennia, a warm and inviting place where people have conversations about all kinds of topics from copywriting to climate change, what they are reading to research. You can get regular updates from the Story Cave by signing up on Rachel’s website. 

In a world of so much mediocre content we’re very lucky to have Rachel on hand to offer advice and inspiration to our members!