Berenice won three Blue Peter badges for drawing and that was the start of her career!

Berenice (pronounced Ber – e – niece) has an MA in Graphic Design and Typography and runs her business Hello Lovely Design, an award-winning, full creative service for print, book and online design plus image and illustration commissioning, to help those who want design to enhance their work. From small businesses to book publishers (including the world famous Cambridge University Press) Berenice regards each piece of work as an adventure and an opportunity to educate anyone who is interested in the way design makes our life better, easier and more beautiful.

From poetic descriptions of font history, font pairings and the often overlooked “spine design” of books, Berenice shares her knowledge with joy and enthusiasm. Sign up to her newsletter “Gorgeous”to get your share!

Her knowledge of sourcing images, copyright law and printing has saved many a self-published author from a heap of trouble. She has studied inclusive design, making sure that not only is information easily accessible to a wide range of people but that a wide range of people see themselves represented.

As well as sharing the joys of design, Berenice, along with two colleagues, has created a world wide community of people who support those who are childless not by choice, many of whom are enduring the life changing effects of failed IVF.

Berenice was at first hesitant about sharing so much of her personal life but she’s been encouraged by those of us who are keen to learn more so that we can better support friends and family members who are affected, especially the men in these relationships, of whom very little is known or documented.
Learn more about this work at The Full Stop Podcast

Many Drive members are keen to do all they can to help reverse climate change and Berenice is our go-to-person whenever we want to check the claims of eco-friendly products or services. She is unfailingly generous in her support of Drive members and a dedicated collaborator, harnessing and enhancing other people’s talents wherever she can.

I’m sure we’ve got a lot more to learn from her!