How do you feel about money?

Most of us have a relationship with money that we don’t fully understand.

It runs through our lives, yet it’s a taboo subject and our feelings about it are rarely discussed.

Instead, we go through life with a set of subconscious beliefs and behaviours about ourselves and money that we inherited from the people around us and the broader cultural environment.

In this workshop, Dennis Harhalakis founder of Cambridge Money Coaching helps us to explore our money relationships, patterns, beliefs, and behaviours and how understanding these can give us a different perspective on handling money issues in our businesses.

Get inspired, motivated and focused to make the most of opportunities and build your business.

Books and resources mentioned in presentation are:

Open Up – Alex Holder, Sheconomics – Karen Pine & Simonne Gnessen, Money Magic – Deborah Price. Podcast is called Squanderlust – Martha Lawton & Alex Lemon.

There are also many useful articles on the Cambridge Money Coaching website.