Making people happy to come to work is a key ingredient in success

Genie Ventures is a fast growing digital marketing and publishing company which owns and operates four successful brands: Broadband Genie, Office Genie, Genie Shopping and Genie Goals.

Ciaron Dunne making Andy Boothman laugh
Ciaron Dunne with Andy Boothman

In this frank and very honest interview, Genie Ventures Founder and CEO, Ciaron Dunne, explains his theory of why the compnay is so successful, and what this has meant to him, both personally and professionaly, as he juggles the demands of a growing business with the responsibilites of a single parent.

Some of the highlights are: 

The decision to start an in-house academy to train their own people and then make it possible for them to pass on the training to the next gneration of employees.

The jobs and businesses that went wrong but provided valuable learning and expreience.

Efficiency – look at where you want to go, not where you don’t want to go. If it’s growth, don’t look at making cuts to save money.

Look at doing something in the short term – experiment with things.

How infringing Kalvin Klein’s Trademark led to them becoming a client.

People don’t report on revenue, they report on profit and loss for each client.

Working with the right partners – find people who can do things you can’t do.

Make it possible for everyone to enjoy coming to work, and to be respected and valued for what they do.

Listen to the interview:

This is just one of many fascinating interviews with people who are growing successful companies.

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