When resources are limited and goals are always moving, what do you do?

Photo Credit: Ian Olsson https://www.ianolsson.com/

Abi Bush is a design engineer.

As well as designing specific products for clients, she also works with Field Ready, a humanitarian aid organisation, which means working with people facing life critical situations in disaster areas, most recently in Nepal and Syria.

The importance of designing things “with” people, rather than “for” people.

In this inspiring talk, Abi explains how she makes decisions when goals are mushy and resources are meagre, and gives an example of why design is more important than marketing.

If business is about problem solving, making decisions, and using the resources we’ve got in less than ideal conditions, we can learn a lot from Abi and the Field Ready approach!

See the slides that accompany the talk: Abi Bush Field Ready 26 02 19

Listen to the talk:

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