This is just one of the the things Rory Underwood shared with Drive Members!

Rory Underwood, 85 times capped for England, 49 tries, was not only one of the best wingers in British Rugby, he was also a Hawk Fighter pilot for the RAF.

Rory shared how he retired from rugby and the military in his late 30s and embarked on the task of building a business.

He learned many things about high performance teams and human development and now brings that experience into businesses, challenging them to create the right environment where high performance is inevitable.

In this frank and funny talk Rory demonstrates his warm and charismatic character and also the difficulties and obstacles he encountered in growing a business.

Build a network as soon as possible!

One of the things Rory mentioned, and why he came to Drive, is that having a great network is essential to building a business and its never too soon to start building your own network!

How do you measure the effectiveness of a team?

Most teams are measured on results but that doesn’t tell you what (or who) needs to change in order to become more effective.

The speed at which we get information can cause us to react too quickly and over correct, often before we know if there is a pattern or just a short term glitch. Waiting and assessing before taking action can lead to much better decisions.

There are lots more tips about team roles, measurements and how to improve effectiveness in the talk below.

Some other points that Rory mentions are:

Make yourself redundant

The sign of a great leader is knowing when to step aside!

What’s the ROI?

The challenge for any business is switching the thinking from ROI (return on investment) to ROE (return on expectations) This is what a successful training initiative delivers to key business stakeholders demonstrating the degree to which their expectations have been satisfied.

Purpose People Process

The PURPOSE of the team is established in the process of Forming.
As PEOPLE join they start Storming
The PROCESS is established during Norming

Training and development vs Performing

There is a huge difference in the ratio of training and development vs performing in the Military, Sport and Business.
In the military, Training and Development is 95% and Performing is 5%
In Sport, Training and Development is 80% and Performing 20%
In Business, Training and Development is 20% and Performance 80%
This begs the question that, is people are the most important part of a business, why isn’t more invested in their training and development?

To find out more about Rory Underwood and the services he offers businesses see his website Wingman Ltd