Martyn Sibley recently sold a business to AirBnB.

He has many other business successes under his belt and is a regular presenter on TV and radio. He travels the world hosting inclusion events and likes to take part in high adrenaline adventures.

Martin Sibley

His favourites are skiing down the Catalan mountains, hot air ballooning above Barcelona, scuba diving in Tenerife, and Husky dog sledging in – 32° in Helsinki.

Martyn’s longest adventure was the 1000 mile trip from John O’Groats in Scotland to Land’s End in Cornwall, England. In his wheelchair.

On his website, Martyn describes himself as: “a regular guy who happens to have a disability called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). This means I cannot walk, lift anything heavier than a book or shower myself. Nonetheless I run Disability Horizons, am the author of ‘Everything is Possible’, I have a Degree in Economics & a Masters in Marketing. I love adventure travels (including an epic visit to Australia), I have great people in my life (including my soul mate), I drive my own adapted car, run my own business, have flown a plane, enjoyed skiing & SCUBA diving, and live independently on earth.”

Martyn was recently voted the third most influential disabled person in the Power 100 list.

In this talk Martyn, with his customary humour and insights, explains how he manages to do all the things he does from his wheelchair, how he learned to use social media to build his influence and start and run successful businesses.

He covers:

  • how to harness energy and ideas to implement in your life and work
  • how the power of blogging, vlogging and networking led to his success
  • the value of really understanding your client

“Don’t give up and keep on truckin’!”

With a Masters in marketing and a few years working for the disability charity, Scope, Martyn took a risk and started his own business. He knew that through the relatively new medium of blogging and social media (circa 2008), he could make a positive change for disabled people.

It started slowly but over time he found his voice. Martyn learned what disabled people and their families needed. He networked on and offline. He worked for free. He had patience and resilience in equal measures.

Eventually, he was asked on to BBC breakfast and Radio 2, to write for the Guardian, to speak at big inclusion events, and to present accessible tourism videos.

8 years of hard work had paid off!

So recently Martyn has found himself with a lot of ‘influence’ and power in his field.

Martyn’s catchphrase is

“Don’t give up and keep on truckin’!”

Find Martyn on Twitter @MartynSibley

Disability Horizons and Martyn Sibley as heard on the BBC