What is intuition and why is it important in business?

In his best selling book “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill interviewed many of the most successful business people of his age.

One of the things that he noticed they all had in common was that they had learned to trust their intuition in business matters and attributed their success to being able to take action on gut instinct.

In this discussion, David Brown explores the nature of intuition and how we can learn to recognise and trust it.

David trained as a scientist, so linear thinking was ingrained in him. He had to learn to use his intuition as he developed his marshal arts and life coaching businesses.


Intuition is defined as “the ability to understand or know something instinctiveley without the need for conscious reason”

In-tuition can also be described as inner learning or inner wisdom.

David explains the difference between linear and non-linear thinking and the conscious and sub-conscious mind and why we sometimes find it hard to listen to and trust our intuition.

Since starting to teach in 1986, David has taught hundreds of people to trust their intuition.

The biggest barrier to becoming aware of our intuition and learning to trust it is to be able to switch off our conscious logical thoughts that try to rationalise everything.

Even when we decide to trust our inuition we try to rationalise it after the event by “logical thinking”.

In this recording you can join in a guided visualisation where you can find out more about your intuition and how it might help you in your business.

This is a a fascinating discussion that we can all learn something from!

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