Do you ever wonder how some business owners manage to effortlessly build a business and do all the other things that make life worth living?

The truth is that they don’t.

No-one does.

Believing the “you can have it all” myths just leads to feelings of guilt and frustration!

Charlie Ashley-Roberts shatters the myths around ‘having it all’ and helps us find solutions that work for our own lifestyles.

In this webinar you can:

1. Reflect on your own business and life and identify an area you’d like to improve.

2. Learn to reduce the feelings of being overwhelmed and get more productive when you’re working.

3. Create boundaries and learn to say no to those things which no longer serve you and yes to those things which do!

Watch the webinar

Watch the webinar  with Charlie, Ann Hawkins, Helen Lindop and others participating.

Charie is a careers and transitions coach based in Cambridgeshire.

This is her Ask the Expert session on “How to be more resilient in business” 

Read more about her in her Drive Members Profile