Remember when every email started with the words “In these unprecedented times …”?

It caused many people to question what they say, how to say it, and in some cases, if they should be saying anything at all.

How do we communicate effectively with our clients and customers without sounding like everybody else and without using crass cliches?

A photo of Rachel Extance

Rachel Extance will shows us how to stand out by being our unique selves.

– how to develop a brand voice
– how to write on common themes without sounding like everyone else
– how to write articles that let people get to know us

During the session Rachel  gives us prompts to help us write an article using an end/beginning of year round up as an example.

Rachel is an award winning blogger who worked as a jounalist for 15 years and helps business owners create great content that helps them stand out. She has many useful articles and tips on her website. 

The Workbook that accompanies this session can be copied from Google Drive