If you’re struggling to create engaging content, try some of these tips!

Lenka Koppova, Premium Drive member and award winning social media consultant, set a Social Media Engagement Challenge for Drive members.

The final part was to encourage Drive members to leverage all the wonderful content on the Drive Website!

Here’s some of what’s available:
🛎 The Drive Learning Hub
🛎 Ask the Expert
🛎 Learning from events (online and offline)
🛎 Blog
💃 Things you’ve learned from the Monday and Friday Check-Ins
💃 People you’ve met and what you’ve learned from them
🕺 Online conversations and learnings
💫 And much more…

Using the chart below, create content that gets you into conversations with people – the best possible engagement!

❗ Don’t just share a link and a headline – be creative with the way you present each post. 💥

If you’d like to know more about how to create a social media strategy, engaging content, and more connect with Lenka on Twitter @LenkaKopp and check out her free Socal Media Meetups and the Cambridge Social Media Day!