Are you holding back from “marketing as usual”?

Visibility and availablity are major factors in maintaining and increasing sales but do your clients want to be sold to right now?
Everyone’s routine is different now, but how much will this result in new buying habits?
Do you know how your clients are thinking?
Nobody likes to be hustled at the best of times but they’re even less open to marketing messages right now – or are they?

With over 20 years’ experience advising brands, Dan Ince founded BrandWorks in 2016, acting as a Brand Consultant, Marketing Director, Coach, Mentor, and passionate ‘fixer’ to help more businesses grow.

This discussion, led by Dan, gives everyone the chance to build a strategy for being visible and available so that we all come out of this stronger than before. 


  1. Is your client insight up to date?
  2. Keeping awareness topped up
  3. Be available. Be within arms-reach