What prompts someone to start a “not for profit” business?

Anne Bailey and Michaela Eschbach explain what motivated them to start the award winning Community Interest Company Form the Future in 2015 and how they approach funding the work they do.

Form the Future have created a unique ‘bridge’, joining business and academia, connecting with young people and inspiring them to develop new skills and new businesses. Their mission is twofold:
1 – To empower young people in their career choices and prepare them for the future.
2 – Enable businesses to safeguard and build their talent pipeline.

Their passion stems from a desire to inspire young people, to open their eyes to the education and the career opportunities available to them. Form the Future believes that all young people should be able to shape their own future and they want to help them do so.

Hear what Anne and Michaela say about how they manage their business and what the future holds:

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