Is Uncertainty making it hard to focus?

Are you expending energy but not achieving your goals?  Are you drifting and fearing uncertainty?
With Drive Premium Member David Brown we explore some simple techniques you can use to focus, feel purposeful and start using your energy for productivity and recapture the enjoyment of running your business.


The slides from the presentation are in this PDF: Focus your Energies- Drive_Get in the Groove

The videos David mentions in the workshop are here:

BODY Centring:

BODY Centring Explained:



David Brown has built a career by dancing with uncertainty. Giving up a secure career in science at Cambridge University, he started a martial arts school 25 years ago and has continued to evolve his business into life coaching, training and facilitation. Uncertainty is at the heart of successful teaching, because dancing in this moment is what will bring the greatest fulfilment and learning. David loves stepping into the unknown with a general plan and then making it up on the spot as things unfold.  Get David’s popular blog posts by signing up at