We all know that we should be getting our prospects and customers on a mailing list.

What’s the best way to set that all up… and what happens next?
There’s a bewildering range of tools out there to help you collect and automate your marketing emails, so let Helen take you through:
  • The two main types of list you need, and how to plan out your subscriber journey for both
  • How to give your subscribers a more personal experience, so they don’t feel like a number in a database
  • How to use digital tools to build a relationship with your audience and get repeat sales, on a tight budget and without it taking up too much of your time
  • Confused by landing pages, automated emails vs broadcasts and tagging? Should you use pop ups and lead magnets? Helen will give you a quick guide so you can decide what you actually need now, and what you might choose to do later.

Helen LindopHelen Lindop works with small business to streamline their sales and marketing using tech such as email marketing, marketing automation, client databases and online training.


Slides :

For more information on the plumbings of email marketing there are lots of helpful hints and how to videos on Helen’s Website

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