Do you ever feel overwhelmed by options and possibilities?

This is a common feeling for many business owners but chaos can be a positive force!

Darryl Canham shared his vast experience in business, advertising, marketing, sports and movies and his ideas about how, in addition to strategic focus, the occasional use of creating chaotic pressure can bring fresh ideas and innovations for both business and life.

The main thrust of what Darryl spoke about was the opportunities that become available to you when you open your perspectives towards making your life a success, as well as looking at making your business or career successful.

Generate lots of ideas

Whilst stressing the absolute importance of a strategic culture, Darryl explained that so many of his personal career opportunities and successes were the outcome of frenetic periods of generating many ideas and exploring their potential simultaneously.

So, by choosing to create chaotic periods of intense work output, business prospecting, decision making, and exploring opportunities, he has found that his career has taken shape in areas that were not a part of any original personal life plan. Both life and business have prospered because limits get pushed.

Unsettle the status quo

Darryl went on to explain that more focused styles of thinking are then the ways in which things get done and should sit as the mainstay modus operandi to business operations. However, unsettling the status quo from time to time will create a new energy that could be directed towards your ambitions.

Darryl related this Chaos tool to the early periods where entrepreneurs are in the early stages of building and defining their business. That is one of the most pressurised and stressful times, but also one of the most exciting times in the life cycle of any business.

Experiment with chaos!

Sometimes the business you plan is rarely the business you end up with. Settling for that is a personal choice, but by recreating the start up chaos scenario from time to time, may just create the opportunity you did not know you were looking for!

He acknowledges that it can be a step out of the comfort zone and for many people that may be a challenge. Even so he encourages people to experiment with a little chaos because you never know where the next great opportunity will come from and where it will lead.

He shared many stories and anecdotes from his experiences and many valuable life tools that keep his enthusiasm and drive as high as his natural energy.

Through his use of both strategic and chaotic practice, Darryl has ventured into many exciting industries and assures us he will continue to put it all into practice, whether he is working in health and fitness, in marketing and advertising, in the film business, or working with the police, in consultancy, professional coaching and more…

Darryl Canham has over 20 years experience in the development of people, athletes and brands. He managed 2 teams at McCann Erickson, and founded the successful advertising agency Rave Communications Ltd. He remains active in creativity and marketing consultancy for midlands agencies, but devotes most of his time to running the Kaizen Centre in Birmingham, offering martial arts, health & fitness, coaching and mentoring for his clients. His efforts and talents have led to him working with a variety of  organisations providing training in confidence and empowerment with West Midlands Police and the Terrence Higgins Trust as well as corporate and small businesses. He also works in the Film and Gaming Industries as an action choreographer and performer.

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