Did you start your business to connect, learn and grow?

That may not be the reason that first springs to mind.

Starting a business isn’t an easy option. It involves risk, hard work and uncertainty.

Most people don’t do it to make a lot of money – in fact, for the first few years they could probably earn more by getting a job.

Choice and control are big factors:  to choose and control what we do, when we do it, and who we do it with are the main benefits people talk about.

Why do we encourage business owners to connect, learn and grow?

Starting and running your own small business can be an incredibly lonely experience. Every decision is yours and sometimes you have no experience and little information to go on.


“When you focus on connection first, everything falls in to place”. Vishen Lakhiani

Building trusted relationships with other business owners can be one of the highlights of being your own boss – the friendships and fun replace the social aspects of working with other people (but with more choice!) and the feeling that you’re not in this on your own and have people to turn to, no matter how you’re feelling, is vitally important.

When you’re connected, the sense of belonging, knowing that people understand and care about how you’re doing can make the  the worst days bearable and the best days even better.

Knowing that you’re contributing to someone else’s experience with words of support, encouragement or commisseration is very rewarding and feeling appreciated is the best way to fight feelings of isolation.


In any group of business owners who are at different stages and have expertise in specific areas there is a huge body of *relevant* knowledge. (*Relevant* is incredibly important – there is so much generic information available it’s sometimes worse than no information at all.)

Learning in a structured way from people who understand you is a great use of time and resources and also provides really good insights into who to recommend to our wider networks when those skills are needed.

If you see your potential as being unlimited, you’ll constantly seek to improve your skills through learning and practice. You won’t plateau. You won’t ever feel there’s no more you can learn.


Most people who run a small business don’t do it just for themselves. They want to make life better for their clients, family, community, and in some cases the planet, by working ethically, and in a sustainable, eco-friendly way. If you believe you are working toward something larger and more important than yourself you’ll never stop looking for ways to grow.

That’s why provide our members with opportunties to connect, learn and grow!

We used to meet, learn and grow and I’m sure we will again – with or without goats!