Plastic free food wraps produced in Cambridge UK are making a big impact!

The Cambridge start-up BeeBee Wraps has just been given a huge boost that will enable it to produce its wax coated cotton food wraps up to 30 times faster than before!

Cambridge Consultants recently announced that they have entered into a partnership with BeeBee, and will introduce new production methods which will transform the business.

The wraps reduce our reliance on single-use plastic food wrapping and cut down on food wastage and are the brainchild of entrepreneur Kath Austin, who cooked up the idea in her kitchen in 2017.  BeeBee Wraps has enjoyed remarkable growth since it hit the national press in January 2018 and has since found a loyal community of customers and advocates. The materials used are sustainable and ethically sourced and at the end of their life can simply be composted. But with an uncompromising approach to sustainability and product quality, continued expansion required a breakthrough in production methods.

Listen to Kath as she shares more about the journey that has seen Bee Bee Wraps recognised for business innovation, ethical sourcing/production, sustainability and much, much more.