Seth Godin’s posts sometimes hit home in unexpected ways.

He recently made an observation that chain restaurants use dried herbs because they’re easy to use and their customers like to know what to expect. Fresh herbs are tastier but harder to work with and sometimes have unexpected results.

The pressure to turn a business into a processed, cost reduced commodity is huge. To be popular with large numbers of people you need to smooth out the lumps.

The world of business networking is full of the equivalent of chain restaurants and even those that claim to be indpendent have very similar menus.

Drive is definitely not in that category.

We’re the fresh herb variety of networking.

Some people like things to be predictable and to know that every meeting will be the same, a bit like a McDonald’s menu.
A Drive meeting is more like “lets see what turns up in the veggie box and make something delicious”.

Our members each bring a very different flavour to the network and the variety of combinations always produce unexpected results.

We give people permission to bring their whole selves to our meetings so we really never know what or who we’re going to get and that’s what makes every meeting different and totally unpredictable.

The chemistry between people changes depending on what’s happening and how they’re feeling on the day and, because we don’t cut out competitors there’s often a spark that leads to exploration, learning and collaboration.

We’re always creating new flavours!

If you’d like to try it for yourself you’re welcome to join one of our Zoom calls.