“What is your Scotch Egg?”

This is one of the questions Jon Torrens asked himself when reviewing what he’d learned from 12 months of Drive events!

With an incredible variety of speakers, there has been so much to learn but the overall impression of Drive events is that they are so much fun!

Here’s a round up of what we’ve enjoyed so far:

George Zitko kicked it all off when he talked about how his business flourished when he changed his thinking.
Cameron Ewer started a business with nothing to sell and created a PR phenomenon!

Luke Brynely-Jones explained how social media can attract and convert leads for even the most obscure products.
The owners of The Pint Shop revealed some shocking truths about how they went from start up to chain in two years.

Rob Percival wowed us all with tips on how to create a recurring £200k monthly income.
Investor Peter Cowley talked frankly about how to charm a Business Angel.

One of the most inspiring talks was from young Olympian Harriet Lee who shared how she had overcome incredible obstacles to win her Gold Medal.
Andrew Hatcher entertained us with ideas on how to make better decisions.

Thoroughly practical and also inspiring, Dani Beaty told us about her own apprenticeship and why she is so passionate about Tomorrow’s Talent.
Ed Bass gave us a reality check on how to sell and measure our digital influence now that The Sales Funnel is Dead.

My personal favourite was from Vince Rudgewick who explained why you need to Step Back to Grow your Business
Mark Shortland grew his business into an award winner in just two years and shared tips on keeping customers happy.

Ruscha Fields made us all want to work for her when she talked about Dealing with Change.
We had a masterclass in How to be a Better Negotiator from one of the world’s most sought after deal maker, Clive Rich.

Dr. Steven Aronson’s clients include wolves, celebrities and royalty. He gave us some  powerful examples on why its important to choose your clients carefully!
Eight Lessons from Serial Entrepreneur Luke Brynley-Jones provided some real insights into how to keep moving in a fast paced world.

Don’t Fear the Chaos is the advice from Daryl Canham who balances consultancy, running a marshal arts centre and action film choreography and performance.
In his talk Sink or Swim Ed Williams stunned us with his stories of personal and business achievements, starting when he was just 19!

John Hoskins, the owner of the Old Bridge Hotel explained why profit isn’t everything and why he sold off a big part of his business.
Zib Gotto and Mark Pugh gave us lots to think and talk about when they showed us how to make our work space more productive.

Drive members discussed some of the things they’d learned from the talks and what effect this had on the way they run their businesses.

This recording of their discussion has some startling revelations!

To see more events coming up including on-line Ask the Expert topics check the Drive Events Page.