” “It’s not for everyone  … but it might be for you”

The stuff that’s for everyone, the stuff that’s easy to click, sniff, share, produce and learn – that stuff ends up having no character. It’s not memorable. You don’t miss it when its gone.

The goal isn’t to serve everyone. The goal is to serve the right people.”

Seth Godin

Some of our birthday greetings!

Karl Gjertsen I love being part of a network where I can ask questions, no matter how silly, and get help from the great members.

Helen Lindop Happy Birthday Drive! It’s hard to sum it all up in one memory but I really do feel like I’ve found my tribe. The best memories for me are all the presentations we’ve had at Drive Bedford, plus Jo Bryant ‘s puppet workshop, The Best Year Yet at Huntingdon and your Word Smart Not Hard workshop, Ann. All have made a genuine difference to the way I work. It’s so easy to come home from an event and not implement what you’ve learned but with you realise you’d be crazy not to go home and change the way you work.

Heather McDougall Happy Anniversary ! What I like about the Tribe is that I’ve met lots of interesting, helpful people both online and in person that are so willing to share their expertise. Also David Brown at Huntingdon and Helen Lindop at Bedford have been so welcoming and I always leave the meetings buzzing with ideas.

Rachel Extance Happy birthday Drive! I’m not sure I have a particular memory but as others have said, I feel like I’ve found a Tribe which is helpful, supportive and fun.

Charlotte Ashley-Roberts I love this network as it delivers what it promises. That’s important to me and quite rare I’ve found!

Hayley Williams Happy Birthday DRIVE! One of the things I love about this group is the power of this trusted support network – if I don’t know someone or something, it’s very likely someone in DRIVE will – and they’re happy to share. It’s lovely to feel a genuine sense of support from everyone!

Cam Tellie Happy birthday!! We’ve not been members for very long, but we like how friendly everyone is, and to echo Hayley Williams, how DRIVE members have the knowledge to support each other.

Andy Boothman My favorite memory goes back to just after the very first meeting, about 40 minutes after we’d finished, Ann rang me to say that people were joining and we had our first members. We were both so excited! Drive is a great community because of all the people who are involved, the sharing, collaboration and openness is unique and I’m looking forward to many years to come.

Lenka Koppová Happy Birthday 🎉 Drive! It’s been wonderful 2 years filled with meeting amazing people, learning from inspiring speakers and having lots of fun with fellow members. Congratulation  🎉 on building something truly wonderful!

Jo Bryant I remember that first session where I was feeling new to Cambridge, and shy of meeting new people. Andy couldn’t have been more welcoming and I quickly realised you were as lovely as I’d hoped. It felt special and has continued to feel this way ever since. The business advice, humorous understanding and friendship has made me feel as if I belong. A big happy birthday to Drive.

Shari Khan It’s the support and connection with others that I value most. Happy birthday Drive!

Christine Seymour Echoing previous comments – everyone is very supportive and it feels safe to share things about your business that you wouldn’t normally share.

Martin Smallridge Happy belated birthday Drive. What I like is the sense that someone is actually listening as I try to figure stuff out. A place to ask the dumbest of questions and expect at least some kind of considered response.

Karen Arnott Happy Birthday Drive! Quite simply Drive is my kind of tribe. I love how genuine the connection is, I feel I have made friends here, not just business contacts. There’s always someone to lend a supportive ear, you find brilliant authentic speakers and there’s no fakery (or soggy croissants!)