Why Drive?

Business networking works … but it can be so much better!

When you want to buy something what do you do?

You’ll most likely go on line and do a search.

Then you ask the people you trust for a recommendation.

Turn that on its head: how do people find you and what your business is selling?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a trusted network of people ready to recommend you to their friends?

Drive members use all the power of on-line networking combined with amazing face-to-face networking to build trusted relationships.
Drive members help each other to build their businesses, not by selling to each other, but by recommending the people they know are good at what they do.
Drive helps you to be RELEVANT and REMARKABLE and to build RELATIONSHIPS and REPUTATION – the cornerstones of modern marketing.

The networking game has changed

Without trust there can be no transactions!

Two of the world’s biggest market research companies, Nielsen and Gartner both say, when people are looking for a recommendation for a product or service, they go to their trusted network first.
People trust these recommendations 84% more than others.

So the way to get great recommendations quickly and consistently is to be part of these trusted networks.
The internet, social media and mobile-web technology have changed the way people connect, how they buy and who they trust.
Someone who is interested in what you sell is likely to have Googled you (not just your business), read your on-line profiles, checked your testimonials and asked someone they trust if they know you – all before you’re aware of their existence.

Drive brings business networking into the 21st Century …

Spend more time working than networking.
Make more contacts in less time.
Know who you’re going to meet.
Never make or listen to a pitch.
Build great relationships.
Enjoy yourself!


How is Drive different to every other networking group?

We all need to sell to stay in business.

However, nobody likes to be sold to, and that’s what puts people off going to networking meetings .

The internet has changed the way people buy.

Buyers trust people who are recommended by someone they know 84% more than others. (Nielsen)

Drive gets you known and referred quickly and easily by a wide group of people who are ready to trust you.

The people who need what you’re selling want to know you.

You’ll become part of a network where everybody knows your name and cares about what you do.

Drive helps you to be remarkable.
Being remarkable is more important than being the only choice.

A pile of business cards Each local group is totally different

A Group Leader and up to five Partners decide on the style of the group and the format, time and content of meetings, to suit their members and their local area.  They get a share of the profits from their group so have an incentive to keep their members happy.

You could be a Group Leader, a Partner or run a Special Interest Group to share your expertise and we’ll promote your business to our whole membership.

As a member you get lots of opportunities to promote your business and you can visit any local group or special interest group.

The only rules we have are that there are no restrictions on who can join, there will be no forced referrals and no elevator pitches.

Drive is the only business network that gives you an active say in how your networking group is run. The emphasis is firmly on partnership.
Through your Group Leader and Partners you can influence the style and format of meetings and suggest things that will meet your needs and the needs of your business.
We won’t force you to have breakfast, lunch or supper.
We won’t make you listen to elevator pitches.
We won’t ask you to recommend people just because they’re in the same group as you.
Today’s meeting was very productive for me. First chatting with the speaker was great, then a pep talk from a Partner about HR provided some invaluable information! Great Drive get together and plenty of value that I never got from other networking groups. Jean-Luc Benazet 

Most small businesses need a bit of help

Of the six million small businesses in the UK, too many don’t make enough money for their owners to live on and the majority of businesses fail before they get to five years old.

That’s why we offer all of our members a range of support and training solutions.

We know what makes businesses successful and we know that our solutions work because we’ve been using them to help business owners like you for years – and we’ve got the testimonials to prove it.  Just ask mentor@drivethenetwork.com and you’ll get help and support at no charge.
… And we help you to join the dots
Your on-line presence should amplify everything you do face to face. We’ll help you to build your reputation and your network on-line with the Drive network.

You may work for yourself but when you’re part of the Drive Tribe you don’t have to work by yourself.

Your membership fee gets you:

  • Access to every local group and special interest group
  • Free access to the £800 “Work Smart, Not Hard” programme
  • A structured way to achieve your business goals
  • Private members forum for support and discussions
  • Weekly “Ask the Expert” sessions
  • High on-line visibility
  • Access to people who are running successful businesses
  • Highly effective on-line networking
  • Introductions and recommendations
  • Real sales opportunities
  • Opportunities for collaboration
  • Local, national and international reach
  • Influence in the way meetings are run
  • Opportunities to run meetings, workshops and special interest groups
  • Free training and advice

Why Drive?

“I was attracted to Drive because of the name. It resonated with me and how I feel about my life, my learning, my ambition and my business.”

To succeed in business you have to have Drive.
People who have drive are unafraid to try something new, to take the chance to change things.
People with Drive see the opportunity and take it!
If you have Drive, come and join us!

Join here!