Tell Me Your Story And I Will Design Your Space

Interior design has a big impact on the way we live and work. Sometimes the effects are subtle and sometimes dramatic.

I asked Drive member Alicja Wawrzyniak to tell me about the things she finds most exciting about her business Alwa Design Studio 

“I get excited that I can bring something new to existence by using my imagination in the creative process. My designs help my clients to make their lives more real, more enjoyable and truthful in terms of the way they live, and because of how people feel in their space.

Unquestionable Sincerity

I believe that we can create as many original interiors as many people are living in the world. Everyone is different and the space we live in should express this. 

A recent project that had a big impact is called “Unquestionable sincerity” and it has an exciting story behind it about being truthful to yourself and about the impact this can have on our life.

The whole idea for my project has its roots in my business philosophy which is “I design with stories not with furniture” (I have registered this sentence as my trade mark).

Designing with stories

What drives me the most in my creative process is the possibility of speaking about emotions and telling the story. But it has to be an emotional story that touches the truth. Only this way I am able to show originality of every single design assigned to the owner of the space. When I catch that concept properly the whole design feels like it’s breathing with its own life and emotions. The design does not judge but only reflects the truth. However it will be interpreted by others in a very personal way because the aim of that is to wake up others individual feelings not to uncover the intimate story of the owner.

The turquoise colour in this design represents the hearty and happy soul and it will be shown as a plain cover on the all walls apart from the one odd shaped wall, where the abstract organic wall mural is created. This abstract wall mural reflects the confusion and perturbation in life.

Being honest and truthful in my opinion are beautiful inner features the person can have. For this reason in this project I am showing the original and organic elements of the design like: hand made pieces of the furniture, raw materials contrasted with more luxurious and polished ones, original art like paints and wall mural (promoting the original work filled with good emotions), metal floor lamp made to my idea by local artist and sculptor etc.

I am also promoting simply creative ways of improving and re-using things which we already have at home like pendants, wall lights, tables. I like the idea of changing even cheap furniture into better looking and quality product which can also reflect our creativity in some way.

I want to enjoy every single step of running my business in a passionate and personal way and to use every opportunity to create and fulfil my exciting projects.”

Alicja graduated from the British Academy of Interior Design with Distinction and runs her business from St Neots in Cambridgeshire.
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Ann Hawkins